Shout out to the non binary, neutral/no/agendered/etc. female bodied lovelies out there with long hair

Shout out to the non binary, neutral/no/agendered/etc. male bodied lovelies with beards

Shout out to people who may look like their assigned gender but don’t identify as it. Shout out to people who could look like both male and female or neither despite their assigned genders and outside appearances and who do not identify as a person of the gender binary.

I never see them drawn in comics or represented in media and I want you to know you don’t have to conform to what even the LGBTQTIA+ Community says is the norm appearance for people considered to be androgynous or agendered/neutral/no/etc.

You are literally perfect just the way you are.

In my English class we had to write a Persona Poem. The Poem had to be about genders role items, the teacher gave examples such as mascara is for girl as in monster truck is to boy. I wanted to show her and the class that there is no such things as Gender Norms a boy can love makeup, brats dolls, or anything he fucking wants to same for a girl. So I wrote this poem…