What's my age again?

PART 4. 


I have never been a good flyer, but when the plane took off I found myself not fazed; I had other worries. I felt a sick wave of uncertainty run though my stomach and panic crawl up my spine. I told my self it was normal, I was meant to feel like this. The first step is always the hardest. 

“Hello” a voice shook me out of my own mental conversation. “Hi” I replied to a middle-aged lady, with shortish brown hair and kind eyes. A beautiful aura lay around her, I felt comfortable with her right away and my stomach started to ease. 

After a few minutes of introductions I saw the book that my new friend Tracey had slipped in the pocket in front of her. Instantly I recognized it. The indigo children, It was the book that I had been looking for before I left, but couldn’t seem to find any where. My fingers where itching to grab it and have a read. “Have you read it yet?” I asked, Tracey explained that she had only just received it off a friend before leaving. She had read bits and pieces. “Your welcome to read it, I cant read on planes, I just forgot to put it in with my luggage.” Tracey said. And with that i engulfed myself into the pages.  


After a few hours, I was done. Coincidently Tracey finished her in-flight movie at the same time.  Hours of insightful banter about life made the rest of the time on the flight fly. Excuse the pun.  Tracey was on her way to India, She planned to do volunteer work in an orphanage. India, always appealed to me. “When I’m older and been a few more places I want to go there” I stated, little did I know what life had in store for me…


2:47pm, I check the time as I slip my backpack on and wait my turn to join the caterpillar like line to exit the airplane.  Walking from the luggage collection I catch up with Tracey. “ it was really lovely meeting you” I said, she smiled and left a pause long enough that I started to turn and walk away. “ I don’t think I will ever meet any one else like you Gani. It was a pleasure.”