reflecting on bashir being a snugglebug and wrapping all his limbs around garak spidermonkey-like, to express affection but also bc garak has a habit of disappearing from their space apartment in the middle of the night like a weirdo and bashir wants to discourage that behavior because he wants morning after cuddles 

One day the heating system in Deep Space Nine shuts down for a few hours. Miles manages to trap some of the heat within the station so people don’t freeze to death, but it’s recommended that everyone stay in close proximity to others so there’s more heat in one place. Even though others can wear extra layers and stick to the promenade and be fine, Garak is forced to find heat through different means. He practically latches himself onto every humanoid mammal in the place until someone finally drags him to Julian and they cuddle in the infirmary while Julian works.

Star Trek: DS9 - Season 2, Part 3

[Part 1] [Part 2]

I make a semblance of an effort, periodically, to distribute note-weight equally across episodes. But not this time, this time my feelings have Very Clearly gathered around Particular Episodes and there is nothing I can do about it because I’m STILL IN A BIT OF A STATE, MY DEAR.

2x19 ‘Blood Oath’
- I love Odo and Quark’s openly antagonistic friendship. “definitely gonna try to upset your plans later!” / “counting on it! take care!”
- lol, Klingons
- who the HELL was Curzon, I want to meet this guy so bad
- metal
- <3 Kira & Dax a lot honestly
- “It is a good day — to die.” I chuckled.
- huh! I must have seen bat’leth written before I heard it said, because I was totally thrown by where the stressed syllable is!

2x22 ‘The Wire’
- oh good, I was always meaning to watch The Wire
- (I’m sorry)
- “Oh well, that’s the price of doing business with a culture that refuses to even acknowledge the concept of time. Though I must say, they make magnificent sweaters.” Garak.
- Julian is actually doctoring Dax’s ugly plant, that is so cute
- “Did Chief O’Brien dislocate his shoulder again?” is one of the funniest lines I have heard yet on this show, and it is entirely due to the time they have spent building the context for the joke.
- you are totally friends! lunch once a week for a year? c’mon
- Sisko: “I wasn’t yelling, I was just expressing my feelings. Loudly.” Ok Kira.
- I have guessed what’s up with Garak but I’m keeping it to myself in case I’m wrong/because I love this idea and don’t want to jinx it
- I think I’m ri-iiight
- the great thing about Odo is that he’s not actually the straight man to the humanoid jokesters, he’s a deeply hilarious person playing the straight man to the humanoids because he finds it hilarious. like this little “I hope you don’t have one of these little bugs hidden in my quarters.” / “Should I?” exchange
- a) this is the funniest Cardassian I’ve met besides Garak, b) “THE OBSIDIAN ORDER” lol that sounds dramatic
- Bashir is such a sprightly thing. he is Undeterred, he can Do Zat!
- holy crap this is  a w e s o m e. I am loving every fucked up turn this is taking!
- Garak: “Doctor did anyone ever tell you that you are an infuriating pest?”
  Bashir: “Chief O’Brien! All the time! And I don’t pay any attention to him either.”
- oh shit, oh wow
- oh my god, Dr. Bashir is becoming like, this soft-voiced immovable object, I’m freaking out, ohhhh this is such a good look on him, fuck.
- holy fuck!
- oh my GOD!
- all Garak has is lunch with Julian each week and he loves and hates it just as he loves and hates himself!! aaahhhhh!!1!!!
- I’m losing my mind
- I tried to pull some words together and the first phrase to fall out was “in the third telling of the story of Elim” and then I just immediately spun off into the emotional hinterland again
- omg, is this the ur-Garak. he is so similar.
- doll, everyone knows you always drink Tarkalean tea
- …WAT
- I feel so jostled by this whole episode!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!
- Garak:“My dear doctor, they’re all true.”
  Julian: “Even the lies?”
  Garak: “Especially the lies.”
  bury me. bury me 10 feet deep.
- this episode was one of the most fun sequences of character turns I have ever experienced, in anything
- I need to RECOVER, then maybe I can come up with something to actually say, not just DELIGHTED CURSING

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Isn't it fun to look back on puppy-days Bashir knowing he's one of the successful genetic enhancement patients? His crush on Dax was a huge embarrassment squick for me (stop brain the teens were bad for everyone), but in retrospect his behaviour makes so much sense. I love the scene where Dax is working on the holographic meditation puzzle and lets Bashir try it, and this holographic floating sphere just clamours and pops. His character development is fantastic, one of my absolute favourites.

I love Julian’s character arc, and yeah, his crush on Jadzia was, even the first time, so very much hitting my embarrassment squick, as well.

And that episode!

I watched it, and was giggling with glee at that part, because it makes so much sense to me – I’m pretty certain that what his parents did to him took him from one part of the spectrum to another, instead of making him neurotypical-but-better. And if his brain as it is in canon works anything like mine, there’s no way to be quiet enough to achieve what Dax did with that puzzle. His mind is never going to be quiet, even leaving aside that he has to keep thinking about how well he’s keeping up his mask, his front, the illusion that he’s “normal”.

I… may have some headcanons, influenced by some fantastic fic by other people, about Julian having been autistic before the genetic enhancements, and ADHD after, particularly in the manner that tends to be overlooked because he’s so good at mimicking what other people expect. That he manages to hold down a job and something of a social life, could very easily be that he’s more extrovert than introvert, and otherwise careful management of what he lets other people see.

At least, that’s where my brain is at on things.

(Also, regularly muttering “Oh, my love” at my computer with exasperated fondness, both at him and at Garak. I’d love to be able to sit both them down and give them all the cuddles and hugs they have missed out on all their lives. Because the only more touched-starved person on that station is Odo, as far as I can tell.)

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just saying i have never cared about anything star trek in my entire existence but i broke down and now have 48GB of ds9 on my desktop because you're always on my dash and i honestly don't know what to do now

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This is the cleanest copy of the opening scene to the DS9 pilot that I’ve ever seen on Youtube. It was uploaded a few days ago and I just came across it today.

If you’re part of the DS9 fandom and you know those in the Trek fandom that have not yet tried DS9, this scene will let them know that this series is different in emotional tone. I grew up with TOS and enjoyed TNG when it aired. But DS9 quickly became my favorite series because many of the stories were character driven.

Reading The Fifty Year Mission books makes me glad that the DS9 writers pushed back against Rodenberry’s restrictions. Even before reading the books, I knew that he had a big restriction against conflict between the officers. But he also had a view that 24th century humans can readily get over the tragic loss of a loved one. I’m very doubtful that will come to pass. Even if it does become true, it’s hard for a 20th/21st century audience to have empathy for characters who emotionally respond to events in a significantly different way than they do. And the DS9 pilot episode Emissary wouldn’t be so heartbreaking.

As soon as I’m near a scanner, I’ll scan properly! I commissioned this from the FANTASTIC OckyPocky over at Etsy and it is beautiful and it gives me all the cute squees and I love it and I wanted to (with her full permission!) share it with you guys so you can have cute squees too!!! If you like her art, definitely check out her commissions listing. She’s so talented <3