• Nog: What's wrong?
  • Jake: Nothing, it's just adults are boring, and I hate them. And I don't want to buy all this stupid, boring, adult stuff and become boring adults.
  • Nog: Hey, listen to me. Yes, we're gonna get a dish rack and shower curtains and a cutting board. But if you think for one second I'm not also gonna get that marshmallow shooter, so that I can shoot you in the face with marshmallows when you're asleep, then you're the dumbest man I know.
  • Jake: You're gonna make me cry.

anyhow, incomplete hc list ds9 people who sure as heck don’t speak english ‘federation standart’ and would have a ~fun time~ in a UT malfunction situation:

kira (bajoran/heavy on a military jargon cardassian), worf (belarusian/bits of russian/badly-pronounced klingon), keiko (she’s all about her national heritage, japanese-only speaker, with exception of a few english terms of endearment), both daxes (trill/klingon, switching from one to another comes naturally to jadzia and confusing to ezri), quark (ferengi/bits of bajoran & kardasi, never trying to learn hew-mon language is a matter of pride), garak (cardassian/who even knows what else, like shit, maybe even speaks romulan for all we know; all scarce fed. standart dictionary comes from randomly turning his UT off when a conversation turns towards the damned ‘federation propaganda’), dukat (cardassian/bajoran, w/ a lot of snobbish high-brow lit lexicon), ziyal (bajoran/some cardassian), leeta (the very same, sadly widespread among bajoran population case of bilingualism), morn (lurian-only), etc etc etc

oh my gosh i just realised that in heart of stone when sisko tells nog he’ll recommend him to the academy, nog says ‘don’t worry, you’ll never going to regret this.’

this kills me because sisko did regret it, i’m sure when he saw nog injured on that bed on ar-558. i know he told quark that nog knew the risks and was doing his duty but he was still almost a kid (somebody’s son. it could have been his own son. it could have been jake.) and if sisko didn’t give him that recommendation letter then he wouldn’t be here. he would be at home, on ds9, in safety. and he did regret it, i’m sure.

i made my self sad.


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. :’) I love the different skin tones the people on DS9 had. Hopefully you can tell who is who? Maybe ///’)

[edIT I touched it up a bit!]

Nog’s answer about not ending up like his father hit me on like 8 different levels. Up until now we’ve seen Nog be a little devious, a little troublemaking, but also trying his hardest to learn. We’ve seen him and Jake run around the station. We’ve seen him assist his father and uncle with bar matters.

Nog yelling about how he is not a good Ferengi, after painstakingly learning all of the Rules of their life was hard. He was so dejected, for him and his dad.

Nog yelling about not wanting to end up like his father, with such venom in his voice. Nog seeing the way Quark treats his father, how Rom never stands up for himself or tries to get out from under Quark’s thumb. Nog implying he sees this weakness and hates it.

Nog saying with reverence about how his father is a mechanical genius. But it doesn’t matter because he never had the chance to prove himself. 

Nog saying he has his father’s hands and lobes. Neither with an ear for profit, but the hands for mechanical wonders.

Nog desperately trying to prove he is not a cheat like the Ferengi are known for, properly taking inventory on the Cargo Bay, and much faster (and better) than the Starfleet officers assigned to it.

Nog begging for a chance. Nog begging for a way out.

Nog saying Commander Sisko was the role model he wished to buy apprenticeship with. (And Sisko’s small smile and confusion).

Nog taking a stand for himself. Nog with his father’s talent and his uncle’s tenacity. He will succeed.

Au where Ziyal, Jake, Nog, and Wesley went on teenage adventures, maybe beat up the red squad for fun. At some point someone tells Wesley to shut up but his new friends defend him and they’re like no YOU shut up. Yeah, space teen team up! I rest my case.