“I wish Star Trek could be more realistic in its vision of a utopian society!”

“I wish there could be a Star Trek show that focused on interspecies alien interactions rather than alien vs. human interactions!”

“I wish Star Trek would do a better job of displaying all the nuances and moral grays that go into maintaining diplomatic relations.”

“I wish Star Trek had a captain that wasn’t just another white dude.”

“I wish Star Trek had at least one canon LGBT character.”

“I wish Star Trek had a well-written female character with flaws and an engaging backstory and good character development for once.”

“I wish science fiction in general would stop assuming everyone will be an atheist in the future.”

“I wish Star Trek could be bolder about calling out real life social issues without their guise of poorly-handled metaphors to protect them.”

“I wish Star Trek would stop assuming that things like intergalactic wars could be resolved or forgotten in just a couple episodes.”

“I want Worf to get more screentime.”

“I want—”

Deep Space Nine. 

You want Deep Space Nine.

I’m walking around and talking to the people I know. And I see Terry Farrell standing off by herself. I’d never actually met her, so I sheepishly go up and introduce myself to her, and I said, ‘Ms. Farrell, I’m André Bormanis.’ 'Oh, nice to meet you. What do you do on the show?’ I’m like, 'I’m the science consultant. I’m the guy who puts all that technobabble into your dialogue.’ And she literally grabbed me by the lapels and lifted me off my feet. She’s six feet tall. She’s a very tall, striking woman. She’s, like, 'You fucking asshole!’
—  The Fifty-Year Mission, p. 457