nofx shirt


Day: 1735
Shirt: NOFX - S&M Airlines
Color: Tan
Brand: Gildan
Source:  Saw NOFX last night on the same night that Iron Maiden was in town. kept seeing pics all week long on Instagram of Ed Force One and couldn’t help but think what if NOFX had their own plane called S&M Airlines!  yeah right.  no way in hell i would fly on that motherfucker, ESPECIALLY if Fat Mike decided he wanted to be a pilot.  i mean i am sure he could fly that thing, cause when it comes to taking care of business that man can do it in any state he is in, but that would be one hell of a scary ride.  


Day: 1110

Shirt: NOFX - Punk In Drublic

Color:  Heather Grey

Brand: Brockam

Source:  It is easy to forget how good this album is.  I love this band but for some reason this album will not be the one i reach for at times when i think of NOFX, but jesus H Christ it is hammer after hammer after hammer.  fits a fucking modern day punk rock masterpiece.  there is a reason this band is so fucking big, and has laster for 3 decades almost.  no fucking line up changes.  i mean in the beginning but once they found their stride it just works so well.  fuck i can’t wait for Backstage Passport 2.  gunna be so good.  

NOFX is playing all over this summer and i think they are doing this record here and there too…makes me think i need to get off my ass and make sure i go see it one more time.