What's the point?

First off I’d like to say I think I’m a good person, I take care of my family, I work, take care of my home, but when it come to talking to my significant other I feel like I’m talking to a wall, he’ll listen an help me through whatever was bothering me for like a week an then it’s right back to square one, an now when I voice how I feel it’s like I should just keep to myself cause it just starts a bigger fight an we end up arguing because of how I felt, so now I feel I have to filter everything I say so he doesn’t get upset….
What am I suppose to do? I feel like I’m about to explode. I feel like if I tell him this it will just start a huge war that I have no will power to fight….
Maybe venting on here will help.. Not like I have any followers anyways. 😒😔

. by Sandy Phimester
Via Flickr:
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