I’m home and awake so here are some of the photos I took at #NoFilter Show Boston on the 15th of August :) Featuring: Mamrie reading her diary entry, Grace losing her shit at Mamrie, Tim and his floral socks with sandals, Hannah getting ready for the taste test, the three of them in their pencil onesies, Mace accidentally colliding teeth during the fic and the single greatest moment of my life; meeting the three of them :D I still can’t believe (and I don’t think I ever will) that my dad actually shipped me across the world to see them!

Thank you to Hannah for trying to put on an Irish accent (twas alright compared to some others I’ve heard in all my years!), Thank you to Grace for her beautiful singing and rapping, Thank you to Mamrie for being so bloody hilarious, Thank you to Tim for taking selfies with everyone in the queue, Thank you to Sarah for being such a brilliant manager for Hannah, Thank you to Chester for popping out for a couple seconds, Thank you to everyone I talked to at the show for putting up with me, Thank you to the Wilbur Theatre for the venue, Thank you to Aer Lingus for the flights, Thank you to the crew for being so friendly and, of course, Thank you to the greatest dad on the entire planet! He was knackered when the show was over but let me stay til well after 11pm so that I could meet the girls and Tim :) Oh, and Thank you to Hannah’s book baby for keeping me entertained on a 6 hour flight ^-^