Review: iamamiwhoami “Blue” – No Fear Of Pop

“BLUE is a celebration of how the digital experience no less than the physical – it’s simply different. Made of effervescent and sensual electronic pop and visuals echoing their pursuit of change, iamamiwhoami are in a league of their own regarding how to communicate in our digital era without losing a drop of creativeness.”

Andrew Darley

Featured on No Fear of Pop! Sam’s a talented dude who I’ve had the pleasure with in the past to collaborate musically with. Sam asked me a month or two back to provide some art as a front for his newest incarnation musically. He sent me two tracks that both contained themes of dystopian civilizations and personal lost.

I didn’t want to reference his lyrics too closely but I wanted to interject some humor and nostalgia into it. It’s often easy living in a city to lose one’s touch of their imagination. The constant stimulation caused by technology especially can sometimes numb one’s imagination. This was a strong theme I wanted to parallel with Kogon’s lyrics. I used the image of mountains, a dragon, and a unicorn as archetypes of one’s imagination with them being harmed by technology radiating from one’s head. Any woo, fellow West Coaster and now Brooklynite Andi Wilson wrote a nice review for Sam, see below: