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“Is it possible to love someone too much?”

“Noes goes!”

“Ha. Cute. Nice try, my finger is already on my nose.” Mal scoffs, and Evie is quick to glance over her shoulder to see that Mal’s finger is indeed already on her nose. “I know this game too well with you, babe. Give me the keys.”

“But I wanna drive.” Evie whines as she holds the keys to her chest with one hand while the other guides her sunglasses to the top of her head. “You always drive, Mal. Can’t I please just drive this one time?”

“No.”  Mal replies as she holds her hand out and wiggles her fingers. “Shall we reminisce on the last time you drove?  You were singing along so loud to the radio and go so distracted that you literally almost ran over some old lady.”

“You said you wouldn’t talk about that! And it was an accident.” Evie huffs as she finally gives up and holds the keys out to Mal who quickly snatches them with a smile. “One day you’re going to let me drive again.”

“That’ll be the day I stop valuing my life.”

Evie’s jaw drops as she trails behind her girlfriend, “That is so rude.”

“I don’t think it was rude at all, I’m just stating the truth.” Mal calls over her shoulder as they wonder out of the house. “E, you know how much I love you but you can’t drive for shit. I’ve seen the tabloids, and Seb tells me all about it.”

“You can’t trust the word of an eight-year-old.” Evie grumbles as she carefully trails Mal down the steps and towards their waiting car. “So I may not be the best driver, but you shouldn’t limit my driving privileges so much.”

“E, we can discuss then when we’re not twenty minutes late to pick up Sebastian.” Mal chuckles as she unlocks the doors to the Lexus before she looks back at Evie. “Come on, babe. Let’s go.”

“I’m going to drive the Jaguar.” Evie shrugs. “Little prince loves it.”

“The fuck you’re driving our Jaguar. We just got that and I refuse to let my insane girlfriend drive it into a wall or scratch it.” Mal scoffs as she pushes her sunglasses into her blonde locks before she smirks. “And I hid the keys.”

”Not very well.” Evie chirps as she digs them free from the purse on her arm while Mal simply gaps at her. “You won’t let me drive the Lexus so I’ll settle with driving your precious Jaguar. We got two cars for a reason, remember?”

“No, we got two cars because you didn’t want to have to carpool anymore.” Mal corrects as she leans back against the Lexus before she stretches her arm out. “Give me the keys or I’ll make you sleep on the couch tonight.”

Evie arches an eyebrow in amusement, “Cute.”

“E, I’m serious.” Mal huffs.

“Keep on telling yourself that.” Evie sneers as she sways her way towards the garage as a smile grows on her face as the door pulls up to reveal their red Jaguar. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a little boy waiting to be picked up.”

Evie strolls lazily towards the waiting car only to squeal as arms curl around her waist, and she is quick to struggle in the grasp as she is lifted from the ground. With ease, Mal turns them away from the garage before she carefully settles Evie back on her feet and attempts to reach for the keys. For a moment, the couple struggles as Mal grunts from Evie elbowing her in her side while Evie attempts to fold herself in to hide the keys.

“No. You are so not driving the Jaguar.” Mal groans as she fights to grab the keys from her girlfriend while Evie squeals and struggles against her. “Evelyn Victoria Grimhilde, give me the fucking keys or so help me…”

“No!” Evie whines. “I wanna drive.”

“We’re going in the Lexus. Together. And I’m driving.” Mal growls.

The two continue to struggle against each other, and Evie giggles as Mal begins to playfully bite at her bare shoulder while she stumbles over her heels slightly. The arguing and teasing goes on for a good three minutes before they hear someone clear their throats, and both are quick to turn their gazes to the end of their driveway where their neighboor stands with a concerened frown.

“Are you two ladies okay?” The woman asks in a gentle tone.

“We’re fine, Mrs. Lawrence.” Mal assures her as her hand creeps towards Evie’s before she grabs the keys from the distracted woman’s hand. “We were just discussing who was going to drive us to pick up Sebastian.”

“Yeah, everything is perfectly fine.” Evie nods as she reaches for the keys, but Mal simply tightens her grasp on her the cool metal with a glare. “Don’t worry about us, my girlfriend is just being stubborn.”

“Mm, I know how that is, dear.” Mrs. Lawrence hums. “John is the same way.”

Mal straightens up with a scowl, “Hey, I am not that bad.”

“Whatever you say, dear.” Mrs. Lawrence chuckles as she continues on her walk.

Evie watches her go before she grabs a pair of keys from Mal, “I’m taking the Lexus whether you like it or not.”

“Yeah, you go right ahead because I’m mad at you and I don’t want to sit through traffic with you anyway.” Mal mumbles as she watches her girlfriend saunter to the car. “You are so not getting laid tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Evie giggles before she pauses and glances towards Mal. “Drive safely.”

“Oh, I plan to.” Mal scoffs before she pauses and softens. “You too.”

Evie smiles as she watches Mal, “Is it possible to love someone too much?”

“Don’t try and be cute.” Mal sneers with a glare. “Race you! First one there gets to drive Sebastian home and pick what we have for dinner!”

“You are so on.”

“Oh No, Not Again.”

“Zombie” guy is being chased by the gang. Oh noes. He goes down this obvious branching path.

The gang, mere seconds behind him, just follow the main path, evidently not noticing the branch.

Fred: “We’ve lost him!”
Daphne: “He disappeared like a ghost!”

But look at Velma’s expression. That face says a lot.

Velma’s Thoughts: “Ugh, here we go again. Yup, yup, disappeared like a ghost… or, maybe just ran in a slightly different direction? Seriously, how can they be this stupid?”

It’s ok, Velma. We understand.

tbh hawke would never be cool with being left in the fade
like hed scream ‘noes goes’ and wear it as protection
and the worst part is alistair would be the only guy to credit noes goes as a real death sentence

hawke and alistair would be the only people to treat noes goes as an actual determination of death

Inquisitor: @slythermint Alistair: star crossed cosplay Hawke: me
Behind Green Eyes

With the third chapter Jun presented us a colored art with Luca. From this chapter we know that Luca is a vampire. And thanks to Jun’s art we know that Luca has green eyes. It clarified several aspects.

Now we can confidently say that vampire’s eyes can be any color, not just red. This explains why Noe didn’t realize that Amelia is a vampire. Maybe her eyes’s color is another. But as soon as she began to show symptoms of the curse, her eyes lit up with red, and Noe realized that she isa vampire. I use the word “lit up” because, while rereading the first chapter, I found the description of her eyes, given by Noe, very interesting: “red eyes that shine in the darkness.”

I believe that the addition about shining is very important, as I personally have never seen mere human’s eyes shining.

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I’m seeing a lot of people accusing the Watermelon Steven village of having sacrificed like a butt-ton of innocent melons in the past, and… I object? That noes-goes game they play is an organized ritual in their village, which, as you may have noticed, seemingly defeats the purpose of noes-goes. If everyone in the village knew the rules of noes-goes and exactly when they would play it, then how would any of them ever lose? They wouldn’t. Noes-goes only works when at least one person is caught off guard by it. But if everyone in their village is well informed of the rules, then no one ever would be. Only an outsider to the village, someone who did not know the rules, could possibly lose and end up being sacrificed to Malachite.

Knowing that, I’m pretty confident that their Shaman Melon leader just made that ritual as a way of weeding out which melon was possessed by Steven. She knew he was coming (possibly due to Fantasy Prophecy Bullshit™) and created a game that only he could lose as a way of preventing any other melons from being sacrificed needlessly.