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your fave simblrs and why?

Oooh ok
These aren’t in order but from the top of my head,

  • icrvesims - She’s always super helpful and I think we allll appreciate her tutorials and downloads, and she’s just such a nice person
  • Simluxx - Her sims are very unique and always very pretty, she dresses them up (or down) beautifully. She’s helped me out twice with a hot guy sim for GwG & her sims and pictures just overall inspire me
  • Berrysweetshoppe - Srsly who isnt inspired by berry? Her photos are gorgeous, she has such a creative imagination and her stories are always intriguing. Need I say more?
  • Noelyely - I’ve been on simblr for years, but the very first simblr I ever grew attached to was hers. I loved her decorating, her unique sims, her story that she was making at the time, and whenever I see those paper swan hanging decorations in someones game I think of her simblr immediately because they were on a big banner on her blog ages back. She disappeared for a while and when I discovered her tumblr was deleted I was preeetty cut. She was my first ever, favorite blog :) I’m very inspired by her simblr.
  • Arrrrlie - This simblr was one of my favourites for a long time, and still is, but sadly she’s on hiatus. I looove her story, For Life, it inspired me to create my own stories.

welllll there’s defs more but I don’t have the time to go through them all haha :)


Simcycles - Follow Friday
Part Four! I’m going to try and do one of these every Friday <3!

Brightly coloured screencaps, GORGEOUS interiors and a bit of cc mixed in, what more could you want in a simblr? I’m a new follower and I’m pretty sure this simblr is on a hiatus, but that doesn’t mean I can’t scroll through content :)

Incredibly detailed sims - check. Creative and aesthetically pleasing interiors - check. Variety and a bit of story-telling - check! Seeings posts from this simblr on my dash improve my day!

I absolutely adore all the portraits from this simblr… I can tell how much detail and setting up is involved, but yet they convey something really quite simple. The interiors are stunning and the sims are sooo cute.

Where do you even start with Noelyely? Everything on this blog is pure magic. The sims posts are so incredibly unique, thought out and dare I say it… perfected. Each screencap is special! A constant source of inspiration.

Probably my favourite downloadable lots EVER. Each one is built with such love and attention to detail, improving the look of my neighbourhoods so much. Her scenery pictures are to die for.

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Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

;^; you got no idea how much I adore you and your simblr ;^;!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <’3!! 

Angel Giselle Himura Help (C’mon you guys saw that coming XD)

I probably already told everything about her, but here it goes cuz I love to talk about her XD

  1. Her lack of confidence doesn’t allow her to be herself fully.
  2. She doesn’t like to be on crowded places, or closed or unknown XD she is a person full of fears.
  3. Amberlyn (her younger sister) is her best friend.
  4. Hates people that set drama everywhere but loves gossip XD
  5. Very defensive about everyone and everything around her, except herself.

And that’s it about Angel XD again thank you so much ;^;!!!

 Hey whats up guys, its Ash. c: 

Okay sooo I decided to do an ultimate mega-list of my favorite simblrs.  Even if you are not on here, it does not mean I do not like/enjoy your posts and please don’t feel offended if you are not listed here. Without further ado here are my favorite simblrs from A-Z. And also have a Happy New Year guys!! <33


@audiosims @asimslifee @anchoredsims @another-simmer @astrea-sims @avtvmnsalad @armanasims @annlovetank 


@bobo221 @bes-sims @black-le @brntwaffles @blackelision @blackoutsims @besimmer @basic-simmer @boobasnots @bangtansimmies @boilandsimmer  @bezdihanniygrrr @blacklistedsims @bbyhazard @blondechaos


@circasim @crvcrv-sims @crazysim-mary @camisims @cualquiere @cakenoodles @charmed-sisters @challesamu 


@dizziesims  @drakonsims @dextr-e  @drudragonrose @danisimlover @daniwhoelse @dremonss @dendisims @decibelakiyai @deathbyranting 


@echo-sim @exorcisim @ethereal-lover @eliisesims @emiixsims

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Hello, I am sorry to bother you but I am getting Sims 3 and I am also making a sims blog and I want to be able to follow a lot of good sims blogs so if you have recommendations of good Sims blogs I can use that would help oh so much :)

Hi! At first sorry for the late reply. I have never done something like this before so I decided to include a lot of blogs that I like. Some of them may be quite inactive at the moment but I still think they had to be in this list. And also sorry if I missed someone but I have to say that I like every blog that I’m following :)

# - 2sanghaec, 77rachel

A - adriannecarroll, andhisrabbits, antraya-cubed, aphroditeisimmoral, aquamarinus, azuremermaid

B - bakasim, bartlby182, berrysweetshoppe, black-le, blondechaos, bringmevictory, brntwaffles, buckleysims

C - captainsimerica, chaoticsims, chisimi, circasim, cocooooon, coercere, coffee-americano, crazysim-mary, crvcrv-sims, cyberryeezus

D - darkosims3, davidmont, doryeon-simz

E - eadan, elasticgirl-simlock, eroticsim, erschsims, eruwen, eversims

G - geishasims, gimmesims, goatyesims, goguma-yang, grimhatesdeathflowers

H - halcyonglow

I - icrvesims, ikarisims, i-like-teh-sims, itstraumhaus

J - jazzy—–fizzle, jinglestartk, joes-stuff, jorsimmy, julies7821, julykapo, juniellie

K - kaleekalo, kasumihonda, koolhira, kosmokhaos, kurasoberina

L - leahlillith, lhyrical, liahxsimblr, liasims, liegt, lilith-sims, little-wingxo, livelovepixels

M - m1ssduo, melancholycotton, melltokio, mexe-capuletmissfortunesims, momosims, moonskin93, muraisawesome 

N - naiisimblr, neptunesims, nilxis, nixels, noelyely, noviebird

O - ofpixels, ohmysim, onyxirony, osacuveiasims

P - pastry-box, periluxe, phixil, pickypikachu, pinkiepancakes, pinofurude, pleyita, plumb-barb, plumbionic, plumblobs, plumbobsophy, pnmai

R - rucklia

S - sadisim, sectumsimpra, serabiet, shambalasims3, shanni-bo-banni, shockshame, shokoninio, silumeo, simified, simifymylove, simpaii, simplykitsch, simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr, simsimi-only-mine, simsinspring, simstaplease, simstrope, simtzu, sk-sims, soupsim, spaceywaceysims, springcolds, stefizzi, sugarballoon, sushisims, sweetsimsationz, sweetyss

T - tamoky, tariks-sims, theboywhosimmed, thenoisyneutron, theothersim, the-sagaro, theseprettylittlepixels, thriftsimshop, thunderpudding, touchmypixels, tractusopticus, treesimz, typicalsimblr

V - violetmoonsims

W - wickedsims, woohoo-juice-simoleons, woohootycall, wundersims

Y - yearimm, yennsims

Z - zauma, zowaaaay