2013 Noelle
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I am having a blast with these tiny rooms. This one is the smallest yet! Done in a matchbox and can be closed to fit in the box sleeve. :)

The drawer opens, same with display cabinet. The picture is framed and has “glass”. The cabinet had “glass” panels too! Made out if plastic film.

The couch is actual fabric with real seat and back cushions. :)

noelleart asked:

I loved Austria too! Did you go on the night watchmen tour there and did you visit that big teddy bear store? My favorite memory is when we were Crans-Montana, my roommate and I decided to take the ski lift to the top of the mountains. When we got up there the view took my breath away. Where we live its all corn fields and flat ground, so this was incredible for me. Just sitting there on the side of the mountain was my favorite part! :) How about you?

Because of all the rain, we decided not to do much in Austria. Plus, it was in that point of the trip I had broken down because I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in so long and my best friend broke down because he hadn’t seen his girlfriend and he had this huge decision to make, so Austria we more of just enjoyed the people we were with and relaxed! 

I took that ski lift! Here’s my friends there:

I can imagine if you’re used to flat grounds how much more amazing this is! I go to the mountains all the time and still thought this was amazing!

White ink pen

You have no idea the journey I had to endure to make this happen. Ugh.

Note to self: NEVER USING A LINER PEN AGAIN!!! Stupid thing bled and messed up the gorgeous face I spent so long painting.

Edit 8/22/13: 53 notes aaahhh omg!!! Thank you everyone I am shocked and happy and feel so flattered and you are so encouraging and thank you!!!