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Hey! here are two of the requests I got both of the wonderful Noelle! Specifically, they’re for @tooironictohandle and @lakesandquarries  who are both wonderful people who brighten my life daily!

(I’m still taking requests, just hit me up with an ask, reply or pm with yours if anyone’s interested!)


In honor of the podcast that has completely and utterly stolen my heart, here’s a super quick (and super silly) little music video!!! Hope you enjoy! Please do yourself a massive, massive favour and listen to the Adventure Zone

Episode 68 of The Adventure Zone forced me to write a heartbreaking reprise of my original Noelle filk. I love my heroic robot daughter so much! Viola cobbled together from the accompaniment @astriiformes did for the original one since he couldn’t record a new track for this version.

The world is still here.
The world is still trying.
And it’s easy to think that we’ve lost, that it’s dying.
But this darkness will stop
Once these shadows have cleared
I know with each spark in my circuits and soul
That the world will be here!

The world is still here.
The world is still fighting.
Make me part of those legends and songs you’ll be writing
And my story won’t stop.
Now there’s no time for tears.
I fought with each spark of my circuits and soul
And I love you with all of my circuits and soul
And I’ll light up the sky with my circuits and soul
And the world is still here
The world is still here!

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