noelle reads comics

It’s just a Week of Squee here at NPR Books: The extra-fantabulous Noelle Stevenson is on All Things Considered tonight, talking about writing for lady Thor and the creation of Nimona, which is out now in book form! (It caused some confusion here, though, due to a multiple-meetings game of telephone, I thought we were interviewing Neal Stephenson. But he’s coming later in the summer, so stay tuned.)

Here she is talking about Nimona’s character design:

I was kind of inspired by the fact that I never really wanted to cosplay as a lot of the female characters out there — cosplay is, you know, dressing up in the costume of a hero, or a comic character or a movie character. I wanted to dress as guys. And I felt that I wanted to do a costume that people who weren’t interested in looking particularly buxom or sensual might want to dress as. You know, she’s stocky, and she wears pink but is still very butch … I just wanted to see a character that I haven’t necessarily seen before, especially as the protagonist.

Check out the whole interview here. SQUEEEEEE!!!

– Petra