I have been tagged by noelioandsergio to answer these questions:
  1. Bands/Celebrities you have met - I’ve met Sharon Osborne, Bear Grylls and the two guys from Hollyoaks that used to be best friends in the show (and are no longer in it) and Tim Emmet but I am not sure he counts…
  2. 5 Bands/Celebrities you would like to meet - Adele!!!!!! Miranda Hart, Lana Del Ray, Dallas Green and Jessie J
  3. Favourite item of clothing you own - I bought a blouse yesterday and I think it has been promoted to favourite item!! :D
  4. Pets? no :(
  5. Favourite film - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 
  6. Favourite book - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 
  7. Concerts you have been to - Urmm. I haven’t actually been to a concert that I bought tickets to and selected etc. But I have seen Alphabeat and Europe live XD
  8. 5 facts about yourself - I have THE best slippers in the whole world. I secretly want to be a radio presenter. I am watching The Voice atm. I love Hannah (otherwise known as noelioandsergio). If I wasn’t a radio presenter I would love to have my own cafe. 
  9. How long you have been friends with your closest friend - I don’t have a closest friend. :( But I met Loz and Rosie and Mil etc in about year 9? So omg like 5 years? Holy shit. And other than that I consider Luke my best friend, and that’s been 6 months :)
  10. Last person you spoke to (not over the internet) - My mum :)
  11. Who you want to be with right now - Ma friends