i was self-tagged by @zcbini  “self-tagged” = friendly stole the game XD

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Nicknames: Ro, Bro, Mako

Gender: Female

Star sign: Leo Sun/Moon, Libra Rising

Height: 1.68 m

Time: 5:08 pm

Birthday: July 29th

Favourite bands/musicians: Incubus, Noel Gallagher, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Florence + The Machine, Joss Stone, Led Zeppelin

Song stuck in my head: Right to be Wrong - Joss Stone

Favourite song right now: Blow Up the Outside World - Soundgarden

Last movie I watched: ugh, i don’t remember

Last show I watched: a show from my country

When did I create my blog: February 2012

What do I post: random stuff

Last thing I googled: mobi files reader

Do I have any other blogs: yes

Do I get asks: there’re weeks i get none, there’re weeks i get maybe 2 or 3

Why I choose my url: Kaz Brekker, that’s all

Following: .291

Followers: 1,941 (shit HOW)

Average hours of sleep: mh…. *COUGHS* 4

Lucky number: 17

Instruments: nope

What am I wearing: grey v-neck t-shirt, black v-neck thin jacket and black and white patterned loose pants, 

Dream job: Biochemist and/or Pharmacist

Dream trip: Ireland, Scotland, England, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Japan

Favourite food: apple crumble pie, onigiri, mackerel

Nationality: Argentine

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the signs as oasis lyrics

aries: supersonic // I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic, you can have it all but how much do you want it?

taurus: stand by me // said I would and I’ll be leaving one day, before my heart starts to burn

gemini: some might say // you’ve made no preparation for my reputation once again

cancer: don’t go away // damn my education, I can’t find the words to say with all the things caught in my mind

leo: let there be love // come on baby blue, shake up your tired eyes, the world is waiting for you, may all your dreaming fill the empty sky

virgo: live forever // lately did you ever feel the pain in the morning rain as it soaks you to the bone?

libra: little by little // true perfection has to be imperfect, I know that that sounds foolish but it’s true

scorpio: cast no shadow // bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say, chained to all the places that he never wished to stay

sagittarius: whatever // you’re free to be wherever you, wherever you please you can shoot the breeze if you want

capricorn: slide away // slide away, and give it all you’ve got. my today fell in from the top. I dream of you and all the things you say. I wonder where you are you now?

aquarius: stop crying your heart out // we’re all of us stars, we’re fading away, just try not to worry, you’ll see us someday

pisces: half the world away // I’m still scratching around in the same old hole, my body feels young but my mind is very old