Repaint artist Noel Cruz (previously featured here) transformed an unremarkable 19″ Wonder Woman action figure into a breathtakingly likeness of the awesome new Wonder Woman as portrayed by actress Gal Gadot.

The repainted figure is currently up for auction on eBay.

Visit Noel Cruz’s website, Facebook page, or Instagram feed to check out more of his outstanding repainted figures. 

He’s also here on Tumblr at noelcruzcreations.

[via GeekTyrant

Memory of Tears

I think this is the best artwork I have ever produced for my precious otp and for Blazblue fandom in general. I literally cried because of how challenging the process was, especially when it came to the background of the upper half. I spent so much time trying to draw The Hanging Gardens stage from the reference, it seemed impossible to do at first.

But I have always had a dream to demonstrate my strong love to any of my favourite pairings by creating a huge artwork with lots of details and symbolism. And I’m really happy I made my dream come true, as I put all of my love, feelings and emotions into this piece.