Me as the beautiful, stunning, chill and absolutely talented Pearl Liaison from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7!! These photos are by my super rad mom missmissyphotography

Also, check out the video on my YouTube channel of my transformation into this astonishing queen! (My RPDR S7 EP7 recap is merged into this video as well!!)

Pearl was really neat to portray for Project Faux Drag. She has such a gorgeous and interesting way she does her makeup, and I was so drawn to her creative talent a while before the RPDR7 cast was announced.

I was so happy that she commented on these and showed her appreciation for them. It makes my heart so happy!

And she was such a super chill and sweet person to meet and I cannot wait to meet her again! Love her so much…

And by the way, do I have something on my face?