noel's art club


Okay wow!

Seems like a lot of people are up for this so let’s do the thing! I’m happy to kind of oversee, but I think it should be a fandom-run activity on the whole. We can have a poll each month to pick the themes, so everybody gets a say if they want to :). 

So! If you guys could reply to this post or send me an ask with ideas for our first theme, we can get things moving!

I’m excited! Are you excited?!

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(PS sorry to clog the tags - all following posts will just be in #the mighty boosh and #boosh art club)

Sooooo, I had a thought...

Seeing Noel’s tweet with all his arty materials got me pondering, and I had an idea… and I dunno if it’s a good idea or what but I thought I’d put it out there.

Would any of you lovely Booshy people be interested in an actual Boosh/LuxCom/etc art club? I know some other fandoms have something similar and it occurred to me that, as one of the more creative little gatherings on tumblr, it’s a bit odd that we don’t!

We could have a monthly theme (eg a particular scene from the show, a line of dialogue, a holiday, a screencap, a medium to work in etc) and anyone interested could produce some artwork to fit. Anything goes - traditional/digital/gifsets/embroidery/sea shell collage whatever! We could have a special tag and everything! ’#boosh art club’ maybe, or something more creative :D. 

I know I get inspired by the boys’ crazy creativity on an almost daily basis, and having a little community like this would be a cool way to channel that into something….

But I dunno, what do people reckon?