noel's 40th


Thank you everybody who’s been so sweet and supporting of my short story to Noel. I cannot express how happy it makes me that you approve - because this fandom has an abundance of talented people doing creative stuff, so whenever I get praise here it really does mean the world to me.

This is how the pages turned out with a little (a lot) of help from my boyfriend - I think they’re OK actually. (I blocked out my surname because I don’t want it on my blog for all to see)

Attention all Fieldmice! Project Luxury 40th

Ok, so I’ve seen all these scrapbooks and everything going on and while I have submitted to some, I would like to do something alone.

I INTEND (And this is dependent on how my painting talents and patience holds up) to paint this picture:

But… with a very unique difference.

Notice those beautiful character puppets? 

Well…opportunity there…

My GRAND idea is to replace said puppets with the torso’s (and heads…obviously…bit weird without heads ;) ) of SIX fieldmice.


Potentially there are four, to three places for this:

One space is taken..for me, because I am slightly egoistic, and the artist.

Another for Lauren (Paprika-alarm.tumblr)

AND…and offered place to out beloved RIKKI (noelsfielding)

As for these remaining three spaces…it’s a first come first serve basis and when I have my three I’ll let everyone know. If no-one volunteers in a week then I’ll scrap this idea and go back to the drawing board.


If the are interested the requirements for submission are very simple;

I need:

- Your name

- Your tumblr URL

(simple enough so far….)

- And lastly…a little picture of you, posing similar to the puppets (arms straight down, looking straight at the camera).

To enter just submit on my page with the details :) 

I hope you like the idea… Lots of love xxxxxx