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regarding bandcamp's trans law center donations on friday, any good trans artists you would recommend checking out? thanks love your music!

great question! can we start a thread on this?

these are mostly my friends bands, but here’s some bands & artists that I like that have trans artists in them makin’ music:

me/ us  (mal blum or mal blum & the blums) - idk I don’t have a favorite song of mine, but here’s our last album

little waist (audrey’s project) - fav song  (I wanna be a) Dyke Wife 

aye nako - fav songs “nightcrawler” or “muck” off their last album (”I’ve got an arsenal of self-deprecating jokes” - same, mars. same. and “human shield” off the one before that

Shea Diamond - I don’t know Shea Diamond but I wish I did, because this song (I Am Her) rips.  “There’s a dark cloud in everybody’s sunlight and I am her”

jenna and the pups - fav song “thirsty(”have you ever been in love/heard you have to learn to love yourself first/guess that means I’ve never loved/guess the only feeling I’ve had is thirst”)

paper bee - fav song “the choice to be heard and not seen” (mom I’m so sorry I can’t be your girl I am a strange creature of sadness and words) 

mallrat - fav song - “i don’t really wanna try” 
“i don’t wanna get out of bed today cuz, i can tell that i’m gonna miss my train and i don’t really wanna try”

Lys Koi - check out this split alyssa did with foster carrots

Loone and Noel'le Longhaul !!!! - everything is great, but check out the split loone did with paper bee

I gotta go get a haircut now but I can add more to this later! 


New work for Lauren! Lauren told me I could do anything I wanted (total dream scenario in ways, in other ways I like having seeds to start from), so we talked for a little bit about tools that have no clear or immediate utilitarian function–so I ended up wanting to focus on the bundling/binding process of making magic brooms/besoms.