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in the last hour before saying goodbye, my darling friend and i made this quick recording of a song i had written which she then spent a good deal of time and energy producing and making beautiful after i’d been gone. someone who i miss every day. 

performed and produced by: noel'le longhaul

written and performed by: beyon

Great Falls, Massachusetts 


“hold the rafters above our heads

pretend were the only little things that stand

between our house and the dirt below them

while our bodies wanted to return to the land.

we found them wandering through the grey grey sand

"we are not lost, we are just learning”

that our lives are campfires of kindling set below the highwater mark

we spent the whole night waiting for the tide to reach us

and deliver to us all of the things that we deserve.

the cure for your fears in a cloud of thunder

it will wash over you like an abusive lover

the window was closed and your eyes lay open

your eye’s closed when the window got broken.

draw your scars where you wanted them,

inside our minds or across our skin

let in

let in

your the house that you were born into

trailer park, in a sea of flax

tangled hair to the ceiling fan

tied your shoes to the foundation

and let it fall down, you fell forever.

dont you get back up

because they will remember you

however they want.


Not sure it’s possible for a song to be any more beautiful than this one <3