Hey trans* friends: If you’re interested in a drawing of you being done, I want to draw you if you want me to!

I realized that I hadn’t attempted to draw myself at all since I came out (which was actually kind of a while ago at this point), and always felt hella strange about the ways in which I was drawn before that–and honestly, never really did any self-portraiture at all, and shied away from images of my face the same way I shied away from mirrors and photographs of myself. If I wasn’t shying away from those things, I was neurotically diving into their scrutinies, trying to pick apart how my structures worked, and split myself into enough pieces that I could start to sew some kind of cohesive narrative of my body together.
It’s been a long time coming since I let myself think about my face and my body slowly enough to draw it: so, if you’re in a similar boat, please send me any reference pictures that you have and I’ll draw you. Please specify in your contacting me if you don’t want any images I make posted online; otherwise I’ll post it on my facebook art page ( and to my tumblr ( I can’t promise I’ll get to every request, but I’ll try my hardest!