noel twins

First rule of PLL - every new character is more relevant than the main protagonists and the characters who have been there from the beginning
Hanna is the girl from the first secret?

After this mid-season finale, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hanna and the scene where she looked into the knife before cutting noel’s leg. She looked into the knife the same way Alice (the evil blonde twin from the halloween story ali and hanna tell while babysitting) did in that same story!!! This HAS to be foreshadowing. What I also found interesting was how Hanna decided to cut Noel’s leg on his thigh. The same place Ali has a similar cut on her thigh! Maybe Ali and Hanna are the little girls from the halloween story and Hanna is the one who cut Alison’s leg? Maybe Hannah’s real name is actually “Alice” Dilaurentis (AD)? So it would be Alice and Alison?? There has been tons of references to how much they look alike, and Hanna and Ashley Marin are the two who are constantly seeing twins. Ashley specifically sees Alice as a ghost. Foreshadowing??? What do you guys think?


Here are all the photos from my Tammie Brown cosplay project! I had SOOOOO much fun with this one, and it was an absolute honor to actually work with Miss Tammie Brown, herself! (We’re twins!!) She even dolled me up!

Makeup by the amazing, gorgeous and fantastic Tammie Brown, and photography by my extraordinary mom, Miss Missy Photography!


The picture on the left is THE KAHNS CABIN when a girl was pushed down the stairs and Cece was kicked out of UPENN. The photo on the right is something Marlene tweeted a month or so ago regarding the 7a finale!! GUYS, IT’S THE SAME PLACE!!! Where? Noel FUCKING Kahn’s cabin…..hhmmm??


Twins Cael and Mickey about Ian.

- Hey, Cael. I want you to say something.
- What? You’re no longer a virgin? *laughs *
- Fuck off.
- So what?
- I met some one. He looks like a fucking alien. Redhead. With freckles. But he is perfection.
- You like him?
- Maybe. I dont know. *incredulous look* … oh, fuck, ok. I think, yes.

Interviewer: You probably have a much stronger bond than you’d admit in public.

Liam: Without a doubt. I don’t need to show my undying love for my brother. Listen, I adore that geezer. And I know he adores me. What do people want, me to fucking impregnate him or summat?

Noel: [fondles huge imaginary bump] He’s only gone an’ got me up the fucking duff! To prove how much he loves me! Twins!