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Call me cautious, but if it was me, and some evil-lookin’ cat shows up outta nowhere, points his finger at a creepy cemetery and I follow him inside, I’d hafta be off my MEDS. It’s like those stupid kids in the horror movies who ALWAYS open up the closed door to look inside, like they’re NOT expecting some chainsaw-wielding maniac to try and chop ‘em in TWO!!


Some of my favourite comedians and their hogwarts houses. 


Batman: Noel (2015)   //   DC Comics

Inspired by Charles Dickens’ immortal classic A Christmas Carol, BATMAN: NOEL features different interpretations of The Dark Knight, along with his enemies and allies, in different eras. Along the way, Batman must come to terms with his past, present and future as he battles villains from the campy 1960s to dark and brooding menaces of today, while exploring what it means to be the hero that he is. 

Members of Batman’s supporting cast enact roles analogous to those from A Christmas Carol, with Robin, Catwoman, Superman, The Joker and more playing roles that will be familiar to anyone who knows Dickens’ original holiday tale.

Story: Lee Bermejo, art: Lee Bermejo

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18 Things That Instantly Make Boys A Million Times Hotter For No Reason

Based on this put together by myself and Morgan :3 

1.  When they roll up their sleeves:

2. Or when they loosen their ties just a little bit…

3. When they wear suits in general, really.

4. When their hair is wet and they do this flippy thing to get it out of their face.

5. When they’re chivalrous even though they don’t technically have to be.

6. When they’re not afraid to dance like a goof.

7. When they wear any type of sports uniform.

8. And then proceed to do hot sporty things.

9. When they’re not afraid to cry. *tear*

10. When they wear cologne that smells really good.

11. When they hold puppies.

12. Actually, when they hold any type of animal.

13. When they wear their glasses for a change.

14. When they do the hot smirk thing.

15. When their bros are hot, too.

16. When they wear beanies and their hair pokes out on the sides and at the bottom in that cute way we all know about. *fans self*

17. When they take their shirts off like this:

18. But let’s be real… when they take their shirts off in general.

Feel free to add more because I know we left people out ♥


Today in disastrous tech design and even worse branding:

Monster is marketing this selfie case at couples who spend a lot of time in their bedrooms taking sexy photos, judging by the company’s promotional materials.

 Monster CEO Noel Lee appeared on stage in Berlin alongside a selfie case ad, and a “straight outta Monster” poster featuring Dr. Dre. He proceeded to demo the selfie case, which promptly fell off the wall. 


“The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.”

After the death of my bestfriend sa mismong birthday ko di ko na ugaling i-celebrate ang araw na iyon. Madalas natutulog lang ako or nagmumukmok minsan naghahanda sila pero umaalis agad ako at nagkukulong sa kwarto. Dahil sa bawat magbe-birthday ako maalala ko lang na death anniversary nia maalala ko lang lahat lahat pati ang aksidente….

after nine years nagawa kong mag-celebrate muli kasama ang mga taong ito.

Before Heneral Luna everything was already planned.

Finish my Bachelors degree and go to LA for my scholarship grant.

masyado kasi akong maraming masasamang alaala na di ko malimutan.. gustong gusto ko ng lumayo umalis sa magulong bansang ito…

all i want is to escape everything…

after nine years nagawa kong mag-celebrate muli kasama ang mga taong ito. 

Sila Tatay John, ang Hen Lu fandom, sila Tito Noel atbp.

Ang makilala sila ay isa sa pinagpa-pasalamat ko sa maykapal. 

everything i wish from now is sana mawala na lahat ng masamang alaala ko..

sana maging ok na ako