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Call me cautious, but if it was me, and some evil-lookin’ cat shows up outta nowhere, points his finger at a creepy cemetery and I follow him inside, I’d hafta be off my MEDS. It’s like those stupid kids in the horror movies who ALWAYS open up the closed door to look inside, like they’re NOT expecting some chainsaw-wielding maniac to try and chop ‘em in TWO!!


Some of my favourite comedians and their hogwarts houses. 


[MV] Lee Sang Gon(이상곤)(NOEL(노을)) _ Behind you(그대가 모르게) (Ms. Perfect (완벽한 아내) OST Part.6)  


For anyone who hasn’t already listened to it, the entire six episode radio series of The Mighty Boosh is available on youtube. Somehow I managed to listen to the whole series in one evening and it’s absolutely amazing! There are obviously many similarities to episodes from the TV series (mainly series 1), and it’s really interesting to see what came just before it.

This is the first half of the first episode, but the rest are available on the same playlist. I couldn’t post a link to the playlist itself.

Enjoy! 💙


Team Bey

Angela Beyince (Vice president of operations,Parkwood Entertainment) “If Beyoncé had her choice, she’d rather take off her shoes and do cartwheels in the park. That’s really who she’d like to be.”

Jim Sabey (Head of worldwide marketing,Parkwood Entertainment) “That’s the great democratization of the internet—it exposes the frauds.”

Lauren Wirtzer-Seawood (Digital Strategy,Parkwood Entertainment)I think this album for sure is going to stand out as a major moment.”

Ty Hunter (Stylist) “I call Bey and Solange and all the girls in Destiny’s Child my sisters. The family is just, you know, humble—not what people think it is. The picture [of Beyoncé] is ‘diva, diva, diva,’ but I’ve been here this long because she’s not.”

Ed Burke (Visual Director,Parkwood Entertainment) “I learn from her everyday.  Mostly, it’s how to take certain things that we bring to the table and make it her own. That’s just amazing to me. She elevates everything. She elevates everyone around her. She’s absolutely normal. I don’t have a filter on what I say or do—especially creatively.“

Kwasi Fordjour (Creative Coordinator,Parkwood Entertainment)“She’s kept true to the people who have kept true to her. I think that’s amazing—you rarely see artists who keep hold of their A-team throughout their career.”

Todd Tourso (Creative Director,Parkwood Entertainment) 2She’s completely relentless in her pursuit of perfectionism. It sounds cheesy, but that’s why I’m willing to work so hard for her. When you have this type of leadership and muse and mentor, I think the sky’s the limit.2

Melissa Vargas (Brand Manager,Parkwood Entertainment)  “It was kind of like Survivor or The Real World. We slept in there. Everyone had a room. There was only a certain number of people that could come, so if you were vibing with her and everything was going great, you would stay for longer. We had a chef, and every single person in that house sat down at dinner with Jay and Beyoncé.”

Yvette Noel-Schure (Publicist at Parkwood Entertainment) “I saw a very meticulous 14-year-old girl. To be so in-the-know at that age—”

Lee Anne Callahan-Longo (General Manager,Parkwood Entertainment) “If you aren’t here for the passion and the ride, then you’d be miserable.”

18 Things That Instantly Make Boys A Million Times Hotter For No Reason

Based on this put together by myself and Morgan :3 

1.  When they roll up their sleeves:

2. Or when they loosen their ties just a little bit…

3. When they wear suits in general, really.

4. When their hair is wet and they do this flippy thing to get it out of their face.

5. When they’re chivalrous even though they don’t technically have to be.

6. When they’re not afraid to dance like a goof.

7. When they wear any type of sports uniform.

8. And then proceed to do hot sporty things.

9. When they’re not afraid to cry. *tear*

10. When they wear cologne that smells really good.

11. When they hold puppies.

12. Actually, when they hold any type of animal.

13. When they wear their glasses for a change.

14. When they do the hot smirk thing.

15. When their bros are hot, too.

16. When they wear beanies and their hair pokes out on the sides and at the bottom in that cute way we all know about. *fans self*

17. When they take their shirts off like this:

18. But let’s be real… when they take their shirts off in general.

Feel free to add more because I know we left people out ♥

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