noel fielding characters*

finally finished this!! i’ve been working on this painting for the whole of my summer so far n i’m so glad i’ve got it done!!!
so here’s dolly from luxury comedy, in acrylic paint on canvas (16x20″)


Honestly such an honour to meet this guy.

Before I properly got into The Mighty Boosh and Noel Fielding’s stand up I was hopelessly lost in terms of my gender identity.

I have ALWAYS known that something was wrong but gender was never really something I thought about as a child; I was just a ‘tomboy’.

As I got older I got more interested in clothes (and eventually make up) and thought 'phew! I must be a girl!’. However, this was not the case. However much I tried to repress the voice in the back of my head it kept screaming and screaming and screaming. I experiemented with trying to 'pass’ as a male and liked it, but I still yearned for long hair and feminine fashion.

I spent years being so confused that some nights I would cry myself to sleep until the time when I began to realise that I really connected with Noel Fielding’s character in the Mighty Boosh (who is essentially himself) Vince Noir.

I managed to thank Noel in person for defying gender norms and showing people that it’s ok for men to be feminine in as many ways as they want to be and I informed him that he really helped me realise who I am and more importantly that who I am is great and valid and it meant so much to me that he responded positively - just as I knew he would.