noel and felicity

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best platonic boy/girl friendships on television?

Lucas/Haley, Peyton/Nathan, “Noel/Felicity”, “Riley/Farkle”, Michael/Pam, Ron/Leslie, “Luke/Lorelai”, Jack/Jen, Will/Grace, Rosa/Jake, Amy/Holt, Cisco/Everyone, Caroline/Stefan (haha)

Scott Foley

Height: 6'1"

Most Famous For: Playing Jake Ballard in “Scandal,” Sean Kelly in “Scrubs,” and Noel Crane in “Felicity”

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What's the most random thing you would ever name a pet? (Hey, you asked.)

So funny story (bc you didn’t ask this part but I’m getting to tipsville so bear with): When I was in college, my roommate and I decided to buy fish. We bought the most beautiful neon colored fish that no one should have ever trusted us with and I was tasked with naming. I was watching Felicity at the time and decided Ben, Noel and Felicity would be perfect. (Because who doesn’t love a triangle? Newsflash=everyone). Well, a week later Ben ate Noel, Felicity bit Ben’s fin and they all croaked within a month. Moral of the story: If you get fish, purchase a proper aquarium and never name them after ill fated lovers. 

To answer your question: Tevye 

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