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CS GTKY - Day one: 5 fun facts about me (and a picture).

1. I have a keychain of Lego Gimli hanging on my bag and when I’m sitting somewhere, or just travelling, I usually end up playing with him and making him dance, walk, complain because he cannot sit down (poor lego dwarves…), or even making up stories with him. Aye, I permanently live in the clouds - and Lego Gimli is my lovely little companion! (btw, he also enjoys getting his own selfies, so I have quite a collection of pictures of him here and there).

2. In the mornings, I literally bump into everything around me. I swear the furniture hates me at these hours, they love getting in my way and hitting me. And doorknobs are by far my worst enemies in the world…

3. I’ve always found very hard to remember where’s the left and where’s the right, so I’m a bloody mess when giving directions, and I have to move my hand as if I were writing something just to be sure THAT’S the right side.

4. If I’m very tired, and someone is holding my hand so I have the certainty that I’ll go where I want to go, I can actually fall asleep while walking.

5. I’m archaeologist because I wanted to be like Indiana Jones, who was one my greatest heroes when I was a kid. Then I discovered the real meaning of studying History and Archaeology and that his methods were fairly questionable to say the least ^^U. But I still love the fact that he inspired me, and I always get so excited when I find a fictional character that claims to be archaeologist or interested on archaeology.