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Nodoka-sempai could you please share you thoughts about this post, I would really love to hear your opinion about it: themanofspyders(.)tumblr(.)com/post/47292308831/about-sinbad-and-his-generals Thank you for your attention and your lovelly work in this fandom :3

Ah, of course!

( Post here )

I think we talked about this a long time ago… but yes, for some unclear reasons, Ja’far, Masrur, Drakon and Hinahoho know something that the other generals don’t.

I do agree with some of the points there. In chapter 112, we see that when Sin was young, only Ja’far, Drakon and Hinahoho were with him, and Masrur was without doubt the next one. So, it woudn’t be strange if they knew something that the other don’t know!

I do believe that he is hiding the fact that he’s cursed from the other generals, and the reasons for doing so can be many. it can be shame, it can be that he doesn’t want to worry them or scare them; it can be something more cunning that now I can’t tell….

Anyway, that’s not the only time where Sinbad’s generals were divided into two groups. Ohtaka also published this illustration on her blog:

and if you think ‘well, Spartos, Pisti, Sharrkan and Yamu were royalty in their homeland so they get a throne’ it’s wrong, because Yamu isn’t royalty at all!

So… I really, really wonder what this mean.

Once a person said that it might mean that, if Sinbad falls into depravity, ja’far & co would still follow him, while Yamu & co. not… but that’s really unlikely, considered how much Sharrkan is loyal to Sinbad.

So… I don’t really know. Any theories would be really nice to read! uwu

(and after this, bows a little and thanks you for your kind words >///< )

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may i ask why you need to ignore half the magi fandom?

Mh, well, lately I see a lot of… how to say, not “stupid” posts, but the things that are written in them makes me kind of annoyed.

If I don’t like something, I just ignore it and let it go. And everyone lived happily ever after. But it seems that someone can’t do something just as simple.

It’s not just that, though. Magi fandom is still a very good fandom, my friends tell me things about the free! and snk fandom and I’m shocked O_O

Then, there is a thing that is bothering me lately, and that it was made obvious by the alibaba/toto misuderstanding chapters. (which is like, the only “shipping war” we had).

Lately, it seems like pairings are more important than the actual plot. Like “oh no, my ship is going to sink, THIS CAN’T BE *insert a lot of rage about shipping*”

People are so focused on pairings and shipping that they can’t see what’s behind, it seems like the plot is non-existent and the only thing that matters is their OTP…

I’m not trying to say that they’re wrong, of course not, you’re free to do whatever you want, but I think people should consider a broader picture! Also because they’re missing a lot of details and mechanics like this.

What bothers me is basically superficiality, in all its forms.

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What do you know about Ohtaka sensei?

Mh? what do you mean with ‘what’?

I don’t think I know more than anyone else, to be fair XD But I translated her autobiography from magi vol. 1-2. (beware of horrible English)

Other than that, I know what her biography on wikipedia (eng and Jap-) says…






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… No ok this ship is basically a punch in the feelings because I can totally see Kouen looking up to Hakuyuu and even though probably Yuu wasn’t as open with Kouen as he was with Hakuren, he still had a lot of fun sparring with him and he taught him a lot of things and Kouen really considered Hakuyuu a mentor, but also a rival…

and god I cry so much when they make those fanarts where Kouen visitis Yuu’s grave and he talks about Hakuryuu and hakuei to him

and he told him how much Hakuryuu resembles him

sobs in hands

I actually have more but now i’m crying this makes me so sad and i haven’t even answered properly to your ask i’m sorry, here there are my tears you can have them

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Kougyouku has a slight crush on judal? Really? o_o

Ahhh—— n-no, I didn’t mean in that sense, it’s not love.

but he is indeed one of the people she likes the most, together with her brother Kouen.

this is an official pic from Shinobu Ohtaka.

It’s written:

  • people she likes: Judal-chan, big brother
  • people she dislikes: Ren Hakuei

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do you like the ship sinbad x Kougyoku?

I think I said it once, I’m not really fond of it and It’s basically one of the very few het ships I don’t ship.

I don’t hate it, it’s just… I don’t see the chemistry between them, and so I don’t think it could work TwT

Kougyoku’s onesided crush might be cute, yes, but Sinbad is totally not interested. He’s just… ‘using’ her, right now. Kougyoku deserves someone better, someone who can really love her. She deserves it, and she needs it TwT

Not to mention, even if I understand that she would be a good bride and she would always support her husband Sinbad, I think she would only suffer (have you read my headcanons about why Sinbad doesn’t want to marry or have children?). And so… I wish her happiness, but I highly doubt she can find it with Sinbad.

Ironically, even if I see for Judal a worst ending than Sinbad’s, I think she would have a much more healthier relationship with him. She would be his little light >w>

But again, I can’t really see Sinbad in a fair relationship. There is too much difference between him and anyone else…

I’m actually quite happy that in the manga Kougyoku’s getting over he crush on Sinbad. It made her grow, and she learned a lot from it! >w<

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What are your other headcannons about Sinbad having/not having children beside zepar power? I'm very curious about it and would be wonderful if you could share:) *coughespeciallybecauseyouwrotethattheyaredepressingcough*

… no don’t ask them, I’ll start to cry.

A-anyway, they’re mostly headcanons about why he doesn’t want to have children more than why he doesn’t ahve children yet.

Besides Zepar’s power, I also think they use magic to prevent pregancy, since in magi world magic and medicine are strongly related!

Anyway, everything it’s mostly related to the reason why Sin doesn’t want to marry.

I pretty much agree with what Yuu thinks, anyway. Basically, Sin is bound to his life alone.

In addition to this, I have something more personal. (note I wrote this around one year ago and so now it’s a bit embarrassing to look at it.

Sinbad: The real reason he doesn’t want to marry anyone is because he is “cursed”, and so the person who is going to marry him will only suffer.
I know that Sinbad’s curse isn’t related to this, and it’s all about resenting one’s fate, but… I think more of another type of curse, something like “you will never be happy with anyone. You obtained too much things, and this is your punishment.”

Have I seen too many films or read too many books? yeah, probably, but i really like the idea of a curse who is actually a real curse, something Sinbad got not because he resented his fate but because he went beyond human’s limit, and so he was punished (by someone superior? by a God? are there even gods in magi?). Moreover, I can’t help but love this after reading Discotica’s doujinshi.

Connected to this personal interpretation of ‘curse’, there is also the possibility that he can’t actually have children as a punishment.

I actually had a long conversation with thecursedking and we made ourselves sad OTL

Also, we were wondering if the curse would pass on, and so…. if his children would be ‘cursed’ in some way too. And to me, if something like this were to happen, Sinbad wouldn’t want to have them because he doesn’t want to make anyone suffer because of his mistakes (and I think I can’t explain myself well, but hey, I think you got the point).

Another possibility is that he doesn’t want to have children because he knows that he will die and so he won’t be able to raise them… but well, to some this might seem an encouragement >w>

… oh, well, these are. I think i actually think of somethign new everyday but I forget.

Papa Sin just gives me so many feelings, but at the same time I see only despair in Sinbad’s future.

( I think this might be the reason why I like fem!Ja’far so much, because she would be only woman who could stay by his side until the end, to understand him fully, and therefore the only one he would, maybe, burden with his child. In every sense. TwT )

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do you ship JuKou? i ship them 'cause i love these little babies with fun personalities and i think their relationship is so cute. do you think they have any chance together or is it impossible?

Yes, I ship them, and I think it’s like… my favorite ship for Judal and for Kougyoku? Even though I ship a lot of people with them.

Judal is one of the few people who acknowledged Kougyoku and her strenght, and he doesn’t care about her origins.



But about ‘having a chance’ together… well, at least canon speaking…. I think it’s impossible ;;

Despite the fact that Kougyoku might actually feel something more for Judal (he is one of her favorite people, after all), I doubt he will ever reciprocate it.

It’s not only the fact that I can’t really see Judal in a ‘serious’ and ‘exclusive’ relationship with someone… it’s his own personality that makes everything difficult, he’s not interested in ‘love’ and he doesn’t understand it.

as I said, I don’t think that Ohtaka will focus much on romantic relationships (except maybe the Alibaba/Morgiana/Hakuryuu triangle), but if I can see a little possibility for Hakuei and Kouen, I can’t see it for Judal.

It makes me a bit sad to say it, but I think that from now he’ll fall into darkness more and more, and he’ll have a tragic end…

I still hope that Aladdin will save him somehow, anyway.

ANYWAY! My point is that, considering Judal’s personality and what it’s probably going to happen to him in the manga, I doubt he will ever get romance time.

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What do you think of Sharrkan x Yamuraiha?

Oh, I really love them! >w< Definitely one of my fav het pairings.

Well, it was almost natural to ship them because of how much they fight and bicker.

Their quarrels are really funny, but despite basically disliking each other’s preferences and personality, they have an high respect for each other. I really loved when in chapter 108 Yamu said ‘That stupid swordman won’t die with his swords in his hands’. TwT

Also, I know not many underline it, but I love the implicit angst between them.
At first their fight is just ‘magic is better!!11’ and ‘No, swors are better!!111!!’, but if you think of it…

Yamuraiha was abandoned by her parents because she was a magician, she has suffered because of it; she was Mogamett’s pupil, she received his teachings. Sharrkan, with his arrogant behaviour, reminds her of those dark days TwT

And, at the same time, it seems that in heliohapt magicians are really important and rewarded; Sharrkan, with his low magoi and absolutely no talent for magic must have suffered as well.

But despite everything, despite the fact that their quarrels hurt them in a much deeper way than everyone would think, they respect and trust each other.

So, uh, I don’t know, I’m making myself sad again.

I really like them, tho. but I suck at explaining

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I think maybe the child wouldn't get "their own rukh" until they were born? But, when the mother is pregnant, there would be a bit of disturbance in the normal flow of her rukh that would make the pregnancy noticeable to magicians or something. Like, the mother's rukh is shared with the child until it's born, which is why mothers can often find themselves randomly fatigued during the pregnancy. IDK just my headcanon ahaha!

Ohhh, this is actually really interesting and it works well!

I think I will add it to my headcanons, if you don’t mind!~ >w<

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Confession #2: I honestly don't see what's so desirable about Sin. Ja'far is much more handsome and appealing in my book. Not only that, but he's just seems like a wonderful husband. Sin is known for getting drunk and his habits with women. How is that what women really want? (I don't mean to insult those that do like him, but I just really don't get it)

Mh, “de gustibus non disputandum est”? (s-sorry, my classical background is showing again OTL ) After all, we all have different tastes x_x

But I think it’s pretty obvious that Sin is quite handsome, and he knows it. Ja’far has a different kind of beauty, mhh, I can’t explain it well…

But anyway, there is more to Sin than just his drunkard habits and his womanizing. He is a great man, kind and generous, and despite everything he has always, always helped people.

I’d like to think that if he find the love of his life he would give up on his bad habits, but i doubt that can happen because I doubt he can settle down because of this headcanon wwww

But anyway, i’m rambling!

Personally, I think that neither Sin or Ja’far are good men to marry. Or, at least, if you marry ja’far you must be aware of the fact that your husband will always give priority to his work and to his king. You must not be the ‘me or work!!11!!’ type (which, by the way, is always a thing that i hated in people, if you love a person you must support their interests and passions), but you must support him. It’s not something for everyone.

And Sin… well, unless you really are the love of his life (and I really think it’s difficult), I think he would treasure you, because he’s kind, but…. urgh, I think it would be bittersweet, because he’ll never give you everything of him, he’ll always keep things from you.


Basically, i think that the best husband material would be Alibaba (because god, he would love his wife so much and so excited about it. He might look at other girls sometimes but after you scold him everything will be ok) or hakuryuu (maybe after a bit of theraphy since right now he’s a bit fucked up, but I really think he would do everything to make you happy).

and other confession time, at first i wasn’t so fond of Sinbad. I mean, i was like ‘ok, he’s attractive, but not my type’. I’ve always loved him more for what he did, and I think that I’ve always been able to see in him what his generals saw, and that’s why I’ve always liked him despite not caring so much for his appearance.

It’s just recently that I’m just ” o///o ” with him wwww and he became definitely my second favorite character, right after ja’far www

I think i rambled too much and I’m sorry OTL

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somehow it makes me sad when I think about how much Sinbad's parents would love Ja'far if they were to meet him

I KNOW ;A; They’d love him so much… and they’d thank him for always watching over their son… ;A;

also what if Sin actually saw them in Balbad when Aladdin called everyone’s rukhs—


this makes me so sad…

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Do you ship sharryamu?

Yes, I do! uwu

I— Generally when I get these questions I start to get really talkative and I give my PoV about the ship.

I love it, and it’s such a good ship and they have very nice dynamics.

It’s not just the typical ‘oh-they-bicker-like-an-old-married-couple-they-must-like-each-other’, I like the fact that there is more to their “sword vs magic” quarrels than what you would think at first.  Yamu has suffered because in her country magicians were discriminated (therefore, she is sensitive about this topic); and I think for Sharrkan was the contrary, in a country where magic has much importance a person with such low magoi like him must have been “discriminated” in some ways. I think they can learn a lot from each other and that’s why I like them together,  along with the fact that yes, it’s funny how they always end up bickering.

I think it was also confirmed in canon that Sharrkan likes Yamu! uwu

Ah, an important note, despite loving this ship, I think there is much more to sharrkan’s character and to yamuraiha’s one than just the dynamics of this ship. In the sense that they’re both great characters, and they don’t need each other to complete themselves. (idk if people understand what I mean here tho—)

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So... you and rele?

U-uhhh… is this my turn to blush? I’m not good at these things asdjdjdjrff

I suppose we are sort of dating, though we’ve never really talked about it because being together just feel so natural that I’ve never thought about defining things properly. We’ve always played around, and I seriously don’t know when it started to become something… more. I like her so much, and I’m happy whenever we can spend time together, and she’s the reason why I stay up until 5 am or even more, ahah.

This being said, we live in two different countries, no, in two different continents,  and I’m afraid I might never be able to see her… s-so, i-it’s kind of difficult? I… I don’t really know… >////>

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Hi Nodoka-san~ Can you answer me a question? How does Ja'far clothes works? I really do not know even after seeing a lot of pics...

Mh, no official references, but I can link you to some pictures where they show it.

I’d explain it, but I think references are better:

1 -2Sin and Ja'far (helpful) 

If you need also an explanation of how I personally think it works, I’ll add it!! And if everyone wants to add even more references to this is free to do it!!

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Did it mention why she doesn't like Ren Hakuei??

Oh, I explained it once in a skype covnersation, but.. well, it’s pretty obvious from the manga.

Kougyoku basically envy her and she’s jealous of her.

Despite being a woman, Hakuei is a general (and kougyoku isn’t, let’s remember it), and she is basically respected by everyone, even (especially) by her precious brother and Judal.

Basically, she is everything Kougyoku wants to be but can’t, because she isn’t aknowledged. And while hakuei can be a general and fight, she is obliged to marry a man she has never seen before.

This page and the next two should explain how she feels.

Not to mention how jealous she get when in the most recent chapters she sees Kouen and Hakuei together!!

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Ja'far riding Sinbad, head thrown back, eyes closed finding his own pleasure. Sinbad, hands on his thighs asks if he is enjoying it and Ja'far just looks down at his king with a small little smile on his face that just does things to Sinbad's heart and he flips him over and fucks him until they're both exhausted.






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Which infamous quote ? ;__;


… which I’m really afraid to translate because my Japanese isn’t that good, but it’s something like “things like my heart, they got completely frozen a long time ago”. (it might be wrong, eh— >///< )

Anyway, the omake where this quote appears will be scanlated soon, so don’t worry~ uwu

Anyway, this quote became pretty popular and it’s often quoted in pixiv comics and they even made a shindan maker inspired to it.