nodiggityok  asked:

what do you think should actually result from ows? i have thought for awhile now that any good country would have a maximum wage of about 10million/year. then after taking care of helping its own people and paying debt, donate some to truly poor people around the world.

I’m conflicted about the maximum wage debate.

I’m hoping that Occupy Wall Street will convince the government to pass much needed laws banning lobbyist, insider trading, tax raise for the rich, etc. 

The wealth distribution in the country is obviously unjust and the middle class is suffering. 100 million Americans (1/3 Americans) are poor or are borderline poor. 14 million are unemployed. We are $15 trillion in debt and 50 cents of every dollar taxed is going to war or the nations debt. Private health care is making money off of citizens and abandon their customers when they become sick. College is putting millions of Americans in debt and tuition is hiking. Public schools are loosing funding and being closed. Teachers are being laid off and bankers are receiving bail out with no interest. Congress has had a 25% increase in income and has a 9% approval rating. 

The country has gone to shit and I’m hoping OWS will put us back on track.