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Got any batfamily hcs?

always and forever soobbbsss

- none of them r cis; dick is trans, jason is nb, tim is nb and uses they / them primarily, damian doenst know his gender yet bc he’s young but he’s learnign a lot from his brothers, and i feel like after having 2 help dick w/ transitioning and learning new pronouns for tim he started 2 realize ya know….im probably not cis either??? hes figuring it out

- the boys call clark their uncle bc hes kinda like their uncle but also their dads bf so hes kinda like their other dad??? unclefather thats him

- dick is the shortest in adulthood lmao he’s like 5′6, jason is over 6 feet, tim grows up to be about 5′9, and damian is kinda small but still just a bit taller than his oldest brother

- all r Not Straight

- dick says “banging” and shit like “nodical” to the point where his brothers try to beat him up about it

Viking Trio - All He Ever Wanted, Final Chapter

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Their arrival was greeted not with triumph, but with despair.

At the sight of only a rundown building, windows boarded up and melancholy seeping from every crevice, Søren could feel his breath escaping from him in harsh gasps- and Berwald stared hard at him before speaking.

“Professor Dahl’s long gone.”

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What would the nodics be like as parents

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Mathias was the excited father who couldn’t wait to spend time with his kids, keeping their schedules full of exciting activities to give them a taste of the outside world. As they grew more independent he’d encourage them to go their own way and do as they pleased, reminding them to not only be safe but telling them that if they felt they had nowhere left to go, they could always come home. He would want them to understand how important they truly were, to him especially, and would be sure to have heart-to-hearts with them when the time seemed right.

Norway/Lukas: Lukas was silent, even as a father, and worried that as his children grew up, they wouldn’t understand how deeply he loved them. He would try to do their favorite activities with them, but it was easier said than done when they were younger, as when they were older the more they talked and realized that their father hardly shared the same interests. He would listen to their problems with an objective gaze, telling them to come to him at any time and he’d promise to solve any problem they had.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Emil would be a kind-hearted parent, unwilling to force his children into doing things they didn’t want to. He would raise them to be a bit bratty, but would straighten them out and teach them to be grateful for what they had. He would often feel overwhelmed, worried that he wasn’t smart enough to raise children, but would find that his children were sharp and also appreciative of their soft-hearted father, who had given them the self-esteem to enter the world with a confident stride.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino was a natural worrywart, and couldn’t help but panic when he saw his children get hurt. He was loving, showing them affection even when they grew into teenagers and began to rebel against it. He wouldn’t allow their attitudes towards him to affect their grades or any other portion of their life, reminding them to make smart decisions, and telling them that their futures were bright; he would often tell them how proud they had made him, wanting them to continue flourishing in life and seeing no need to discourage them.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald would be a strict father who wants his children to focus on their studies and growing intelligent to lead a good life when they were older, but would be incredibly indulgent towards them. He’d find it hard to say no, especially when they cuddled up with him and called him “Daddy” in a sweet way. He would give his children the entire world, trusting them to go out on their own and knowing that they can be trusted to make the right decisions when it comes down to it. 

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Nodics, Allies and Axis react to their significant other wearing their clothes please?

The Allies

America/Alfred F. Jones: Alfred would feel a great sense of pride at seeing you in his clothing, telling you that it suits you and that you should both “totally get matching outfits!” so that you can both look good in public together at the same time.

China/Wang Yao: Yao would stutter at first seeing how good you looked in his clothes, stating that if you needed clothes, he could find you some that weren’t owned by him. He didn’t want to admit that you looked much better in them than he did, but was secretly proud that you had good fashion sense and fine taste like he did.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur would smirk a bit, telling you that you would’ve looked much better in his pirate’s uniform, before fixing his jacket on you properly and smiling. He’d move your hair from your face and proudly cross his arms with a smug look, telling you that you should learn to cook like him too.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: Makes a little “Oho?” noise when he sees you, going over and putting his hands on your hips, mentioning that his shirt looked much too big for you and that the way it’s hanging off your shoulder is just inviting him in, as his hands slowly roam your body.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Ivan would chuckle at you, telling you that you looked very cute, before asking why you had decided to use his clothes. He would ask if you’d like his scarf to complete the look, and would wrap it around your neck, asking if you were warm enough now with a smile.

The Axis

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Ludwig mumbles under his breath about how he needs to stop letting you see him in public, as it was embarrassing to get so easily aroused by something like wearing his clothes. He would nod his head, telling you that you looked good before ducking his head down and dashing away, telling you he had somewhere else to be and to return his clothes promptly.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Feliciano would tell you that you always looked nice, no matter what you wore, but would say that you looked especially good in his outfit. He would compliment you, but would suddenly pull away and ask you if it meant he was making out with himself, since you were wearing his clothes.

Japan/Kiku Honda: Kiku would try to protest, mentioning something about it being “inappropriate” but it all dies in his throat because of how much he actually enjoys the sight, despite being heavily embarrassed by your boldness. He hastily tells you to take off his clothes, but turns red at the double entendre he made and takes back what he says.

The Nordics

Denmark/Mathias Køhler: Mathias would wink upon seeing you in his clothing, telling you that it suited you before leaning down and pressing his lips against yours, suggesting that it looked much better on his floor. He’d pull you into his arm, jokingly pulling out some lingerie and telling you that this was his favorite outfit, and that he would like to see you in it even more than his casual clothing.

Norway/Lukas: Lukas would nod and admire you, circling you around and confirming that you looked good from all angles. He’d chuckle, kissing your cheek before telling you that you should stick to your own clothes, as they were much better suited to you than his (though he wouldn’t object on letting you borrow his every once in awhile).

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: Emil wouldn’t mind sharing his clothes with you either way, but would always feel his heartbeat increase when he saw you wearing one of his shirts to bed. He would mutter under his breath that it made you look more attractive, but would deny saying such a thing if you asked him directly.

Finland/Tino Väinämöinen: Tino tells you that you looker cuter than ever in his clothes, and excitedly states that the two of you should get matching outfits for Christmas that year. He would tell you to borrow his clothes whenever you like, jokingly saying that he’d start wearing some of the cute outfits that you wore, too.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Berwald would show no obvious signs, but would be internally blushing at your actions, wondering if you needed him to repair your clothes for you and that’s why you had chosen to wear his. When you explain to him your intentions, he would chuckle, before taking off his glasses and placing them on you, telling you that now the look was complete.