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Want a Full Night’s Sleep? Yeah, Me Too!

Want a Full Night’s Sleep? Yeah, Me Too! #ad #ineedsleep #foammattress

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Well…let’s talk about a four letter word in my house.  SLEEP.  Oh wait…it’s five letters you say? Well I am too tired to even care.  Honest.  I know you feel me.  I know you understand.   I know I am preaching to the choir.  I…

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Has anyone nodiced how South Park is more acceptant with everything then 90% of adults?
Like, holy fuck the show is supposed to be making fun of pop culture, and is very childish and it’s actually more mature then the people who gave birth to us????


i had a very vivid dream

night time. i was walking along the path of greens. there were secular stars, and the sky was not oblivion. in a sudden, five wispy astronomical bodies appeared above, they were shining, like facing the sun at noon, fencing the shape of a peculiar sign: a circle inside a trapezoid. my heart was rapid, then i woke up.

the news caster woke me up, our television, the size of a massive square pan, was talking loud and clear. it spoke about the nodical figures last night. my heart was rapid. the next words were mistakably shocking that it resulted me to go out and see for myself.

they were still there, the stars.

and i looked along the horizon, my eyes reached the towering wave of water eating the mountain ranges miles away from where i was located.

and it hit me.

from my west, another large sea wave was coming.

closer and closer.

it hit me.

i woke up.