Who You Might Have Been in Your Past Life
  • Look at your North/South Nodes
  • North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra:judge, lawyer, diplomat, peacemaker/mediator, socialite, designer; some kind of helper or life pertaining to balance and equality and helping others, but may have been taken advantage of by others
  • North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio:detective, murderer, prostitute, powerful business leader, doctor (surgeon primarily); a life pertaining to dark matters and secrecy and power, but may have abused power
  • North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius:traveler, philosopher, religious or spiritual leader, teacher; a life of honesty and having to do with adventure and higher learning but might have been directionless
  • North Node in Cancer/South node in Capricorn:business leader, government-related profession, father figure, law-related profession, landlord; most likely wealthy and their status was of the utmost importance; a life of ambition and achieved goals, but might have been inconsiderate and controlling towards others
  • North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius:humanitarian, revolutionist, politician, visionary, activist, outlaw, scientist, astronomer or astrologer; a life pertaining to the unusual, opposite the norm and helping + figuring out the world rather than yourself, loved the outside world, but aloof and unaware to their inner world--family, friends and themselves
  • North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces:a dancer, artist, musician, poet, writer, a psychic, a martyr, a witch, an addict, a healer; something having to do with spirituality, expression of that spirituality and empathy, but often drained by others and scarified themselves for others who didn't do the same
  • North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries:warrior, soldier, military-profession/armed forces, pioneer, leader figure, rescuer, adventurer, reckless child, athlete; a life of selfishness, impulsiveness, perhaps violence and competitiveness, but also courageousness and initiation
  • North Node in Scorpio/South Node in Taurus:banker, farmer, builder, agriculturalist, merchant (primarily selling art), financier, fashion designer, musician; might have accumulated wealth; a life of being attached to material possessions and having obstinate views
  • North Node in Sagittarius/South Node in Gemini:a student of many things, an author, inspirational speaker, messenger, religious/spiritual follower, journalist, actress; a life of exploring many different aspects of what the world had to offer, but also a life of lies, infidelity and gossip
  • North Node in Capricorn/South Node in Cancer:nurse, psychologist, chef/cook, mother figure, teacher, physic healer, writer/poet, feminine-related professions; a life having to do with nurturing and nostalgia, but also dependency on others or vice versa.
  • North Node in Aquarius/South Node in Leo:actor/performer, artist, royalty or something close to it, magician, model, spokesperson, gambler; a life of inherited wealth and self expression, but a gambler of that wealth, dramatic tendencies, bossiness towards others and may have mistreated others for their own gain
  • North Node in Pisces/South Node in Virgo:mathematician, physician or nurse, veterinarian, maid or a literal servant-position for others, scientist, secretary, health-related professions; a life having to do with organization, perfectionism and structure, but may have been criticizing and judgmental of others who weren't the same/didn't have the same views
North and South Nodes of the Moon

The North and South Nodes of the Moon are placements that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth at the time of our birth. The idea behind these two opposing Nodes of the Moon is that when we are born there are facets of our persona that are more developed (the South Node) and aspects that are less developed (the North Node). These two Nodes are represented by two opposing signs as these poles directly oppose each other. The North and South Node signs change every 18 months and a full cycle of the 12 signs occurs every 18 years.

South Node: Zodiac hometown

The South Node represents the more developed areas of your character that come naturally to you; your comfort zone. These characteristics and behaviours bring you a sense of comfort, familiarity and belonging.

North Node: Pushing the boundaries

The North Node (also called the Ascending Node) represents the areas of your persona that are less developed, these are the qualities that we may need to work on in order to find our inner balance. The North Node provides us with new experiences and challenges. Consciously striving to reduce the imbalance of our North Node can provide us with an increased happiness and fulfilment that we can lack if we count too much on the qualities of our South Node.

Often the South Node is seen as ‘negative’ and the North as ‘positive’ and many believe you should move away from the South Node in favour of the qualities the North Node offers us, others believe that the South Node presents a desire that can only be truly fulfilled through the energies and qualities of the North Node.

South Aries/North Libra: Your Aries South Node brings competitiveness, aggression and an egocentric mind. You want to win and often try to do this through playing dirty, however, you should play to your Libra North Node and embrace the power of compromising and cooperating. You benefit the most from negotiations and working with others than you do from aggressive battles to get what you want.

South Taurus/North Scorpio: South Node in Taurus leads to you being stubborn, materialistic and against change. Release your attachment to luxury and accept your Scorpio North Node and with it the appreciation to the immaterial qualities that Scorpios so value, such as knowledge, intimacy and trust. Through releasing control you will find the happiness and stability you crave.

South Gemini/North Sagittarius: The South Node in Gemini means that you tend to catch yourself gossiping, lying and fixating on details. Release your tendency to overthink, focus on details and second-guess yourself in favour of the bigger picture. Rather than exhausting yourself gossiping devote your energy to wider beliefs, adventure and honesty. 

South Cancer/North Capricorn: Your Cancer South Node makes you nurturing, empathetic and caring. You can often spend more time focusing on the emotions and problems of others rather than you own. You need to allow yourself to step back and allow others to overcome their own problem and focus on yourself for a while. Embrace a less direct method of supporting others and allow them to come to you for help. Help others but do not forget to also help yourself.

South Leo/North Aquarius: The South in Leo focuses greatly on them selves, they crave glory, recognition and respect. Play to your North Node in Aquarius and focus more on connecting with others and sharing your passion to inspire rather than dominate. Your appreciation for praise means you are good at offering praise to others. Get more involved in groups in order to find your team spirit and involve yourself in humanitarian causes.

South Virgo/North Pisces: Your South Node in Virgo brings out a perfectionism in you that can cause great anxiety when things don’t go as you planned. This can lead to you being rigid and disliking not having a sense of order. Embracing your North Node in Pisces, which represents spirituality and intuition, can allow you more creative freedom and allows you to see that things do not always need to follow your strict plan in order to be perfect.

South Libra/North Aries: Your Libra South Node means that you are often compromising and putting others before yourself; being the peacekeeper. The Libra craves relationships but these cannot be functional until they embrace their Aries North Node and learn to think about themselves; embrace your identity, prioritize your own goals and be comfortable being alone.

South Scorpio/North Taurus: Your North Node in Taurus represents an independence that you should strive towards. Reject your longing of fulfilment and empowerment from your relationships with those around you and instead focus on finding your own self worth, values and priorities. Once you have this sense of self actualization you will find your relationships with others will only benefit from it.

South Sagittarius/North Gemini: Your South Node in Sagittarius leaves you with a longing for more, a fixation on the future and a sense of wanderlust. Play to the strengths of your North Node in Gemini and focus more on the importance of the moment, listening to other’s ideas and connecting more deeply with them. Take things one and a time and don’t overload yourself with your need for more.

South Capricorn/North Cancer: The South Node in Capricorn can lead to you being detached from your emotions, focusing more on the outward signs of success and working hard to achieve those. However, you should focus more on your emotional achievements as, if you forget to, you can end up feeling unsatisfied and discontent despite all you seem to have to those around you.

South Aquarius/North Leo: The South Node in Aquarius represents the need to be liked and, therefore, allowing the energy of the group to carry you rather than your own. You should stop trying to find a sense of belonging through people-pleasing and instead allow you North Node in Leo to shine through, stop trying to blend in and express yourself and you will find that the right group of friends will find you soon enough.

South Pisces/North Virgo: The South Node in Pisces brings with it a wish for spirituality and creativity, however, ironically, in order to achieve this you need to stop viewing the world through rose-tinted glasses and focus more on details and facts. Only then will you reach your true spiritual and psychic potential.

The Nodes when compared to the rest of your chart

If your North and/or South nodes are in signs that do not occur throughout the rest of your chart (for example Libra/Aries, but you dont have any other Libra or Aries in your chart), this is a good indication that you are progressing well in the stages of your soul purpose. It means your past life was quite different to your current life and you moved on without difficulty, learning and fulfilling what you needed. You are not stuck, you are, moving forward, progressing.