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In honor of tonight’s Supernatural episode, one of my favorite YouTube videos.


Artist: [Dhiea]

Komahina fic idea: When We Were Younger

[Hinata and Komaeda as kids]

Hinata first meets Komaeda while he is heading to school one morning. Following the barks of a dog, Hinata stumbles upon a white-haired boy, and cutely blushes when Komaeda gives him the brightest of smiles.

Walking to school together, Komaeda tells Hinata he can come by anytime and play with him and his dog. Hinata nods and smiles excitedly.

Days pass as friendship blossoms; being all close and cute; innocent kisses on cheeks, cutely holding hands, goofy playing, all sweet smiles. The closer they grow towards each other, the more inseparable they become.

One day, Komaeda talks about marrying Hinata when he grows up and Hinata flusters in embarrassment. Komaeda simply laughs with a light blush while Hinata hides his.

Tragically one day, Komaeda’s dog gets run over and dies due to Komaeda’s unknown bad luck. Hinata sees Komaeda by the dog’s grave and tries to suppress his tears and be strong for Komaeda’s sake. But seeing how deeply saddened he is, Hinata hugs him and cries. Komaeda buries his face into Hinata’s embrace and lets his tears flow.

Wiping away his tears, Hinata promises Komaeda he will never leave him and will always stay by his side. They pinky swear and Komaeda’s flushes his smile through his tears. Komaeda wipes his tears and places a soft kiss on Hinata’s lips as thank you. It’s innocent, and Hinata smiles with a soft, feathery blush.

But the promise is not meant to stay forever.

Their bright days come to a sudden halt when Komaeda’s parents pass away in a horrible accident in which Komaeda’s the sole survivor. Komaeda goes through a psychological shut down due to his traumatic experience.

With no relatives, he inherits his parent’s wealth but with a dreadful price. During the funeral, nobody talks to Komaeda. Even Hinata doesn’t know what to say and silently cries.

Hinata tries to visit him but Komaeda locks himself inside his room, not answering when Hinata calls out for him. Komaeda feels depressed, scared, and lonely; feeling Hinata will one day leave him too.

Komaeda stops coming to school.

When Hinata tells his mother he wants to go and meet with Komaeda, she warns him, out of motherly concern, to stay away that boy because he’s an unlucky child.

Cursed. That boy is cursed. The neighbors chatter away their fears over the orphan boy.

During a cold snowy night, Hinata sneaks out of the house and sees Komaeda in front of the dog’s grave. His eyes glistens and slowly he approaches him. Komaeda turns to face him and suddenly gets pulled into a hug. Komaeda hesitantly holds him back, gradually melting into his warmth.

Hinata apologizes times and times again but Komaeda doesn’t know what he is apologizing for. Hinata feels sorry for Komaeda and wishes he can make difference and see his bright smile once again.

Hinata pulls back and cups his face, tears quickly forming in his eyes, feeling helpless and useless. Lips quivering, Hinata pulls on his face and places his lips on Komaeda’s, lingering with innocent affection to show that he cares.

Komaeda closes his eyes and kisses back.

Leaning their foreheads on each other’s, Komaeda holds onto Hinata and Hinata in return hugs him back tighter amidst the cold winds. Hinata stares into Komaeda’s eyes, sees his cheeks flush from the cold, so he tries to warm him. Komaeda leans against his warmth and his lips curve into a small smile.

Suddenly, Hinata’s mother shows up, and she scolds Hinata for sneaking out the house during a cold night like this, and upon finding him with Komaeda, she quickly pulls him away from him.

Hinata resists her pulling while his mother reprimands him.

Hinata cries out but can’t break free. He looks back over a dejected Komaeda and reaches his hand out for him. Komaeda stares without moving, his hair blowing in the wind, his eyes desolate and lost; his figure slowly disappearing before Hinata’s sight.

This was the last time Hinata saw Komaeda.

Later, Hinata’s family move away to another town, another life, and have met other neighbors, but Hinata continues to feel longing and yearning for the white-haired boy.

Guilt and regrets fill the years in between, and Hinata wonders if he’ll ever meet Komaeda again. Will he ever see his hopeful smile again?

Years pass by and Hinata gets older, barely remembering the times when he was younger, barely remembers his broken promise, barely remembers the face of that young boy.

Until that fateful day when he is met once again with that brightest of smiles.

To be continued?

Also, I’ll be so happy if someone picked this idea and turned it into a fluffy/angst fic.


  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sehun:</b> *On the phone*<p/><b>Kai:</b> *comes down the stairs and turns on lights* Who are you talkin to?<p/><b>Sehun:</b> It's Vivi. My dog.<p/><b>Kai:</b> *nods* Uh-huh? You're calling your dog at 3 in the morning *takes phone* Who is this?<p/><b>Sehun:</b> It's Vivi. My dog.<p/><b>Kai:</b> What are you wearing "Vivi my dog."<p/><b>Vivi:</b> *barks.*<p/><b>Kai:</b> She sounds hideous.<p/><b>Sehun:</b> Well she's a guy so...<p/></p><p/></p>

Remember the people of #Aleppo and #Syria in your duas tonight.

One of the most chilling things i’ve read. Message from brother Tox Sharif







Aleppo died when you refused to ascend the pulpit and encourage people to fight for her honour.

She died when you refused to send your planes & your armies in her defense, she died when you followed orders like nodding dogs and diverted them to ISIS!

She died the day we contacted you asking for support in raising awareness and you told us that politics didnt bring you likes!

She died the day you didnt use your platform to speak about the oppression she faced.

She died the day you looked at her children die on your television screens and it hurt your heart because her children reminded you of your own. Then you glanced down hugged your children and turned the Tv off.

She died on this day but remember tomorrow is not far away and she will stand as witness to all that you did. Tommorow she will describe how her daughters were raped and her sons tortured in the most degrading of ways; gas, phosphorous, cluster bombs, barrel bombs, bunker busters and she will complain to Allah about how you did nothing!

We await this day…….

Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.

[3:150] Nay, Allah is your Maula (Patron, Lord, Helper and Protector, etc.), and He is the Best of helpers.

I: that about me having a thing with Even has started to spread around
Have you said anything to the boys? (Magnus&Mahdi)
J: no. I can do it if you want.
I: (I) should maybe say it myself
J: just say it, don’t stress <3 you like Even. That’s how it is. Done.
I: thanks.
J: we can fix vorspiel (pre-party) on Friday. You can tell them then.
I: yeah. Maybe I can have it, I’ll hear with the collective (Eskild and Linn and Nora)
J: *gif of Snoop Dog nodding*

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hehe, I’m not going to say no to that, anon ;)


Molly: *leans forward* Do it.
Sherlock: *reading the paper* No.
Molly: *playfully prods his foot with hers* Just once.
Sherlock: *turns the page* Nope.
Molly: Please?
Sherlock: *looks up* Molly-
Molly: *pouts* For me?
Sherlock: *sighs; folds his paper, clears his throat* Well, thief, where are you? Come now, don’t be shy-
Molly: *grinning* No, the other one.
Sherlock: *frowns* What other one?
Molly: *twirls her hair on her finger* The one I like.
Sherlock: …
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* Ohhh, the one you…like?
Molly: *nods*
Sherlock: *smirks* Shall I destroy-
Molly: Properly.
Sherlock: *mutters* Why did I marry you?
Molly: *teasing* ‘cause you love me.
Sherlock: *looks at her; slicks his hair back and deepens his voice* Shall I destroy you, Mrs. Holmes? Or will you give me what I want?
Molly: *giggles; holds her hand up*
Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow*
Molly: *waves her hand* Come on, you were very good.
Sherlock: *pats her hand and clasps their fingers; pulls her to him* Now… *lifts her into his arms* …shall we begin?
Molly: *giggles* Yes, please.


this got a bit out of hand…

My favorite thing about the dogs my family has had is that somehow without any actual training or even getting to meet each other, they both developed a behavior I like to call ‘the circle of yes’, which I’ve not actually seen in many other dogs.

Basically, when the dog is whiny about wanting something and we can’t figure out what, we ask them ‘do you want [x]?’ and they’ll just stand or sit there until we get to the word they want.  Then they’ll jump up and walk around in a little circle and go right back to the starting position. It’s notable because neither dog really ever did the ‘happy circle’, only circling around when they were going to sleep and when we actively led them around in a circle with a toy they were chasing.

I also like that they both somehow (again, independently because Bella (dog 1) died more than a year before we got Riley (dog 2) who was only 8 mos old when we got her) realized that ‘knocking’ politely on the door (it’s not even scratching at the door unless Riley, the current dog, is super super anxious to get inside like when it’s windy or raining outside, which she hates) instead of barking or whining or howling is the easiest way to let us know when they wanted to come back inside from the backyard.

  • Atsushi, ranting: So yeah, my life is pretty normal; I am an orphan who was inhumanly abused at his orphanage, because I was gifted and no one thought of telling me about it, now I work in an agency full of abnormal people with abnormal quirks and I have a serial killer constantly trying to kill me because his ex-sempai now prefers me more than him as an apprentice, but the truth is I am only getting harrassed by the same sempai on regular basis, also have I mentioned that I can turn into a ferocious tiger??
BTS in Walmart
  • V: I just need to get more eyeliner.
  • Jin: Okay I'll be here in the food aisle be careful!
  • Jungkook: Why does that man have a goat?
  • Rapmonster: *Sees guy wearing a sailor moon costume* *Nods*
  • J-hope: *In dog aisle* *Sees a dog toy that looks like a horse* *Single tear* My brother
  • Jimin: *Sees guy on protein shake* My abs are better
  • Suga: Nah.
  • Jimin: Okay.... *lifts up shirt* LOOK AT THESE!
  • Suga: I see them.
  • Jin: Oh my god she shouldn't be wearing that there's kids here! oh my god wheres V? *Covers Jungkooks eyes*
  • Jungkook: I'm 18 now! *removes Jins hands* *Sees the lady* *moves jin hands back*
  • Jin: Rapmonster! Go find V!
  • Rapmonster: Got it! *Finds V* FOR FUCKS SAKE V
  • V: *Drawing all over the aisle with lipstick* I thought this aisle needed more decorations
  • Rapmonster: *Faceplam*
  • ~in the car~
  • Jin: Never again.

“A Great Dane? Sam, I don’t think that’s a good idea — oh, look at this one! It’s so cute,” you pointed at the small and hairy dog, smiling up at Sam. He frowned, staring away from the huge cage he had kneeled in front of. “Can we see him?” 

The happy teenager that led you into the rescue area for dogs nodded and quickly opened the lock to the dog’s cage. Instantly, it bounced to your arms and barked, its tongue hanging out as you started to rub its little tummy. 

“This here is Romeo; he’s a Yorkshire Terrier and almost two years old,” the teenager, Jack, as you read from his name tag, said. 

“Aww, look at him, Sammy,” you pouted, scratching your nails along the soft fur of Romeo. “He’s adorable. Here, take him.” 

“Babe, he’s tiny. Can you imagine what Dean’ll say?” 

“C’mon, who cares? This one won’t take so much space, and it’s kid friendly,” you said, looking away from Romeo. A small smile framed your lips, hesitant and almost shy. “And well… That’s something we might need pretty soon.” 


Title: Run a Little Faster to Catch You in a Picture

Pairing: Ryan/Gavin (Freewood)

Rating: All Ages!

Summary: Ryan decides that he’s finally ready to become the lonely middle-aged dog guy and picks a sweet mutt up at the shelter, but when he starts bringing his new pet to the park, he finds himself captivated with a photographer there.

Word Count: 1,806

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Home At Last (Closed)

If there was one mode of intergalactic space travel that Lilia hated, it was the space bus. The bucket of bolts rattled around her and other passengers like a nodding dog on a vibrating dashboard, Lilia grabbed hold of anything solid (which in this case happened to be her seat and the tentacle of a very lovely alien who kept calling her Deirdre.) and squeezed her eyes shut, steadying her breathing as much as she could as a voice from the cockpit called “Earth, wasteland of the galaxy preparing to land!” And Lilia felt mildly outraged at the insult to her home but didn’t dare open her mouth until a great thunk signified their craft had landed. 

She was the only one for Earth, so she hopped down gratefully, landing on her hands and knees in rich earthy soil. Earth soil. Her head sprung up as soon as the space had vanished, and she grinned a wide toothy grin she hadn’t done in what felt like eons. She was on the outskirts of central London, in someone’s garden by the look, so she dived from the nearest fence which lead out onto a street she recognised. Signs pointing her in the way to go, Lilia sprang off, one thought chanting round her head. Home. She was home, she was nearly there, nearly back where she belonged. 

Down a street, round a bend, over a wall and there. She saw the house, it looked older than she remembered but she paid little thought to that as she ran up the street, waving to neighbours who appeared to go as white as snow. Well, Lilia thought, I suppose I do look a bit of a state. She was caked in filth from other planets, dressed in baggy jeans and an oversized west ham shirt she’d found in the trash back at the space bus stop. She rant to the front door, ripping the key on a string from her throat and tried to door. Only it wouldn’t open. The key didn’t fit the lock. Her heart sank to the darkest pit of her stomach.