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Nodame Cantabile

I finished watching the entire Nodame Cantabile anime earlier today. It felt weird watching it at first because i was so familiar with the material (i usually read the manga or watch the anime before the live-action but i had a Tamaki Hiroshi phase years ago so i ended up watching the dramas/movies he was in including the Nodame Cantabile live-action drama, specials & movies) and i wasn’t sure if i was wasting time because at the back of my head i kept thinking ‘DID I ALREADY WATCH THIS OR WHAT?’. I do keep a myanimelist profile but i haven’t updated it in years so even if i wanted to make sure that losing sleep would be worth it, it’s useless.

I dived in anyway and I HAVE NO REGRETS.

As mentioned above, i already watched the live-action for this so i knew that the anime would be fun or maybe even better (that’s usually how it is, let’s be honest). I’m not a classical music fan but i have to admit the best thing about this show is the music and the performances. It’s a romcom (although the romance part is a bit slow) but you will actually learn a lot about classical music because when it’s time to get serious, it is serious. The show also features unique characters (with amazing voice actors!) and while the pacing and character development for the last season may not be as good as the first two, the entire show is worth watching. ^_^

Watching the anime also made me realize they actually did a really good job with the live-action. Nodame is all sorts of ridiculous and i’ve never encountered an anime character like her but Juri is amazing in bringing her to life. I had a problem with Tamaki Hiroshi in the live-action movies but it’s just me being superficial. lmao He looked so good in the drama but he lost a lot of weight in the movies that it bothered me to no end. #SHALLOW

P.S. lol i actually made a post about it 2 years ago

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Opening Your Day: Nodame Cantabile Paris Chapter

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