Here are a few photos of me in my “updated” Lupin III cosplay taken at the courtesy of Alan Clark Lindsey of Nocturnal Radiance and Smashing Pots Cosplay at the Cosplay at Tannehill event last Saturday. It’s been a while since I cosplayed as something and I’m glad I went. I really had an awesome time there with my buds along with seen a lot of sights in nature. It’s I’m not a wise idea to go hiking while wearing a suit and tie lol I really would like to go camping or hiking there one of these days. The second batch of photos are coming soon. ^^

Boss Battle
  • Boss Battle
  • Shoji Meguro
  • Shin Megami Tensei III - Nocturne

We’ll sacrifice the son of heaven
Man’s greatest glimpse of fire red
Oh, how they’re lost in their prayers for a greatest god

Let me sleep, please!
I am a man, half human
I am tired as heart and person weaken

I will not crack! 
Can you hear them?