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NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST -【The great midsummer uprising】 Special Club Zy. Interview

【Special: The great midsummer uprising !】 NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST Special Interview!

Special: The great midsummer uprising ! Number 7


NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST made an appearence in the「stylish wave CIRCUIT'14 summer formation “Tonight Madness"」 this summer.
Also, they have been chosen to be the opening act for「stylish wave ILLUSION'14 "Midsummer Lunatic Feast 」on August 31 in the outskirts of Hibiya.
On August 29, they will be performing at the「stylish wave EXPERIEMCE - Sword Battle Before Dawn -」. Further, their participation at the「stylish wave GENERATION'14 yarning the next era !」, which will meet up on November 29, has been decided.
We talked about「stylish wave」with the members.

TEXT: Nagasawa Tomonori
Translation: xMyrkul

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