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What a luxury it is to be in love, and to build a life from nothing; to have suffered as we have suffered, and still to rise as we have risen.

SMT IV Final DLC Translation: Past Protagonists

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The Demi-Fiend is using a skill called  死亡遊戯 - Game of Death (Like the Bruce Lee film that was never finished), which was localised as Deadly Fury in Nocturne.

The SMT 1 protagonist is called “The Hero”, not Kazuya or Sho or Adam or anything.


And from Famitsu:

Saviours of the Diamond Realm*
Contents: Explore the Special Dungeon “Diamond Realm” with the successive generations of protagonists from the series, and battle Meta** Steven. (Includes spoilers / the difficulty level is recommended for post-game)

*Diamond Realm actually has an extra 神 kanji, but that’s apparently how it was written in SMT 1 as well when it showed up.

**Literally Superhuman, but I’ll stick with the series’ localisation of the term

In the name of the son ~ or why Aleph is the true Jesus of Megaten

I got the idea to write this article since I see “P3 MC is the Jesus of Megaten” claim very often.

I disagree since I think that P3 MC’s story is much more a retelling of the Orpheus myth with hints at Orphic Mysteries which is why I wouldn’t have called P3 MC’s Ultimate Persona Messiah (this term is way too overused in games, often in vapid and shallow ways) but Saviour since Orpheus in the Orphic Mysteries became a prophet/savior type. Comparing the MCs story to the Orpheus myth is also way more interesting.

Aleph story in contrast is an actual Jesus retelling and actually makes a lot of sense regarding the environment, timing, personality, appearance etc.

I personally also think that Persona should leave Judeo-Christian stuff entirely to the main series; only P2 used two Christian themes appropriately:
IS including the Holy Lance/Heilige Lanze myth (that the one how owns it can’t be defeated), the new age theories about the lance as well as the use of the Grand Cross/Tetramorph/four Evangelist symbolism was awesome and fantastic and fit the rumor system.
However I kinda doubt that Persona could include Christian stuff this well ever again henceforth why Christian stuff should stay with the main series.

Anyway here is the contrast between Aleph and P3 MC:
Entirely personal interprations of course. If you disagree it is fine of course, I just felt the need to write this article since SMTII is disregarded very often which is sad since its Jesus retelling is accurate and benevolent actually.

SMTII, Nocturne, Persona 3 Spoiler warning.

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