nocturne legacy


Prelude: Mama–?

Gretta: You can sit with us, too, little man. Hop on up.

Nocturne: So… what were you guys talking about?

Gretta: Well, you know your Aunt Ellie?

Nocturne: I’m her aunt, Mom. Actually, I’m her great-aunt, right, Cadence?

Cadence: You got it.

Gretta: Well, your niece Ellie, then. She’s having a baby.

Nocturne: A baby? That’s silly, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend!

Sona: Yep, it’s… pretty silly, huh?


This marks the official end of me playing The Nocturne Legacy.

>>As you can see, there are 5 couples of the transition world (see last post) and so it requires 5 generations of The Nocturnes as well. But we all know that it’s impossible for me to carry on because I’m focusing on my study. So, instead of ending it on Gen 2 like I did earlier, I put a little more story of Gen 3 in it. I know I lied a bit about the transition world being uninvolved but I can’t help it xD

Anyway I know Gen 3 was really confusing. I wanted to punch myself when I was thinking about the whole gen 3 things to be just in a dream of Peony and the vision of Nino and Mara. But to clear all confusions, I would like to confirm that it is the future and will happen one day. So, Pistachio and Barley will still exist. When the right time comes. Including all the moments in Suvadiva Island.

And thanks for reading them (again!)

You can go to THIS PAGE. It has all the informations and links needed to understand this legacy.

My next queued posts will be about the Hopkins from TS4 and then there will be no more posts from me.