nocturne g2

Hello friends! We finally reached the end of Nocturne Legacy Generation 2!

It has been an excitable journey for me, and I hope it goes the same for all of you.

Sadly though, I am not going to continue this legacy to Generation 3 and so on. Deep inside I really wish that I could play until Generation 5 for the least because I had created the storylines and Gen 3 would be my favorite if I actually had the time to play it.

I was actually going to take more foreshadowing pictures for Gen 3 including Peony’s future spouse and the vampire and human couple that are going to be connected to Peony and her lover. But my game is being so slow and taking these last pictures were such a pain for me and I had a lot of stress already from my effort to study abroad. I play games to have fun in a while, and I don’t want to do it like this.

So, I would just post some pictures of Peony, Leaflet, Sphagnum and Calyx as YA and introduce their characters after this.

Anyway, thank you for reading and liking the stories of this legacy. I really appreciate it! :)