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Kat looked down from her perch on the ceiling, her cat Dusty there too. “Oh, seems I drew a crowd,” She laughs sheepishly. Kat herself knew that people sitting on ceilings wasn’t normal. “I’m Kat,” She told, “Gravity Queen Kat, before you ask.”

Blinking as he felt the tap on his shoulder, the Slytherin turned to see he had been the one the greeting had been directed towards. “Oh, hi.” He responded, giving a the girl a small smile. “We’re at Hogsmeade.” Demyx answered after a brief pause, confused as to why the girl did not know where they were. Wasn’t she another student? Although, on closer inspection, the blonde saw she did not seem to be wearing any of the school’s uniform, so maybe she was really a muggle?

“…Whats that?” She blinked, watching the blonde boy curiously. She clasped her hands behind her back, looking over his somewhat odd clothes. Kairi had ended up here while adventuring, unfortunately here wasn’t exactly on any map she already had.