Ever wonder how the billing/coding in healthcare works? This is how it is. I’m currently reading the chapters for next week’s class which is about Financial Resource Management and as I’m reading it, I never knew it is so complicated, involves a lot of process and verification and I just have to shake my head because sometimes, I don’t understand a thing LOL ^^; It may look so simple but the descriptions I’m reading aren’t *sigh* Oh well, I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. Paper due on Wednesday! ^^;

Strategies that DON'T work on the NCLEX-RN Exam
  • Cramming in hundreds of facts about disease processes and nursing care.
  • Recognizing and recalling facts rather than understanding the pathophysiology and the needs of a client with an illness.
  • Knowing who wrote the question and what is important to that instructor.
  • Predicting answers based on what you remember or who wrote the test question.
  • Selecting the response that is a different length compared to the other choices.
  • Selecting the answer choice that is grammatically correct.
  • When in doubt, choosing choice ©

Source: Kaplan NCLEX-RN 2010-2011 Edition

I Just Don't Know What To Do Anymore... :'(

Being the only nurse in the company is really stressing me out, add to the fact that it’s putting a lot of pressure on me because everybody is relying on me. My boss is expecting a lot from me, but I can only do one thing at a time. And why is it that when it comes to medications it’s always my fault when there’s a conflict from the pharmacy or the insurance? I mean, it has literally nothing to do with me when it comes to insurance company not wanting to pay for the client’s meds because it’s too soon to refill. *sigh* I’m worried, and I’m scared of my whole life! Every time I try to improve on something, there’s always that something that ruins it. What should I do now? 

Question to all nurses

To all nurses out there who have renewed their licenses already, I have a question and I’m hoping you could help me with this.

This year, I’m going to renew my license for the first time (On August to be exact). I know that one needs to earn CE hours/credits to be able to renew the license, but some told me that if it’s your first time to renew your license, you don’t necessarily need to earn 30 CE credits. 

If so, is there a need for me to get the CE credits or wait until the next time I renew?