Zelda’s Log: Salt (A Memory of a Memory)

A/N: I wrote this in a little more than an hour, after reading a lovely quote I reblogged, and out of a sheer desire to kick back stress and anxiety.

*drops dead into bed*



Well, almost everything. But everything about her.

He finally remembered who the girl from his memories was.

It was her all along.

Her voice woke him up, and guided him.

She had snatched him from the claws of death.

After he remembered how she was willing to die for him - who in their sane judgment would do that for him, a kid who barely knew his name? - Link ran.

Away from the place where he died, outside Fort Hateno.

Away from his house, the symbol of his new life.

Away from the Village, and his new acquaintances, and the old ones.

Down the hill, into the beach.

He kneeled on the sand, and wept.

For the life he lost.

For the person he once was.

For failing her.


Every time her name echoed on his head his heart raced.

He was sure he had never felt like that before. It had worsened after he heard the Rito bard’s song.

‘Zelda’. Her name tasted salty on his mouth, a mix of bitter tears and the nocturnal sea breeze, as the rising tide licked at his knees.




‘I remember you’.

The answer came out of his lips in a faint voice, after her eyes watered at his silence.

‘I do, I really do… ’, he sobbed. ‘…Zelda’.

A surprised gasp. A pout. Trembling lips. Tears streaming down her face.

Both held onto each other tight, and he kissed her reddened, wet cheeks.

Your name tastes like the sea, Zelda.

Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.24: Claude Debussy (22 August 1862 - 25 March 1918)

Debussy is one of the great and iconic French composers, and is essentially the Father of Impressionism in music. How is music impressionist? By focusing on ambiguity, and the sense of musical works as a whole instead of specific details, very loose programs, giving hints of ideas but making the audience put them together. Debussy’s strength was the recognition of individual subjectivity, and how any artistic experience will impact a listener in different ways. My top favorite works are La Mer, an epic poem to the sea, Nocturnes, three orchestral impressionist paintings, and his two sets of Preludes for piano, bringing a new dimension to the genre.

Bak Sil Lum (Northern Shaolin)
Twin Flying Dragon Straight Swords

1. Wai Tay (god) offers the crutch.
2. Yellow sparrow lands on the beam.
3. Single leg stance, parallel shoulder.
4. Twin dragons emerge from the sea.
5. Reverse hanging golden hook.
6. Continuous rolling and stabbing.
7. Yeh Cha (nocturnal ghost) test the sea.
8. Old immortal swings the cane.
9. Black dragon whips its tail to the right.
10.Black dragon whips its tail to the left.
11.Carp flops to the right.
12.Carp flops to the left.
13.Purple sparrow spreads its wings.
14.Jade dragon coils around the posts.
15.Sparrow sucks the water.
16.Butterfly flitters through.
17.Twin dragons emerge from the sea.
18.Slanting single leg, left right jab.
19.Single leg, face the sky, bow to the sky.
20.Riding the tiger, low bow.
21.Back step, double chop down.
22.Tangling flower, turn around.
23.Running step, upper cut.
24.Soft posture, rolling flower.
25.Female immortal sprinkles the flowers.
26.Phoenix circles its nest.
27.Tornado makes a wave.
28.Child kicks the shuttle right left.
29.Iron cow plows the field.
30.Twin dragon plays with the pearl.
31.Black dragon whips its tail.
32.Double left right spreading wings.
33.Cartwheel spin, down chop.
34.Spin and turn around.
35.Lion plays with the ball.
36.Earth dragon twists and squats.
37.Stand upright and move like the wind.
38.Yeh Cha (nocturnal ghost) test the sea.
39.Reverse hanging golden hook.
40.Phoenix spreads its wings.
41.Down chop through Wah Mountain.
42.Twin dragons emerge from the sea.
43.Green dragon stretches its spine.
44.Golden rooster right single leg stance.
45.Golden rooster left single leg stance.
47.Pretty girl threads the needle right and left.
48.Spin the whip behind the head.
49.Heroʼs single leg stance.
50.Stand straight, left right jab.
51.Running step, stabbing tiger.
52.Reverse hanging golden hook.
53.Yeh Cha (nocturnal ghost) test the sea.
54.Twin dragons emerge from the sea.
55.Finish form.

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