Golden Globe 2017 Winners

Best Motion Picture — Drama: Moonlight, dir. Barry Jenkins

Best Actress — Drama: Isabelle Huppert, Elle

Best Actor — Drama: Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea

Best Motion Picture — Comedy or Musical: La La Land, dir. Damien Chazelle

Best Actress — Comedy or Musical: Emma Stone, La La Land

Best Actor — Comedy or Musical: Ryan Gosling, La La Land

Best Foreign Language Motion Picture: Elle, dir. Paul Verhoeven

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Viola Davis, Fences

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Aaron-Taylor Johnson, Nocturnal Animals

Best Animated Motion Picture: Zootopia, dir. Byron Howard and Rich Moore

Top 16 of 2016

1. La La Land

It’s joyous, romantic, energetic, heartbreaking, and just so damn fun!!  Not only the best of the year, but the best of the past 2 years!!

2. Hell or High Water

An inspired neo western that deals with income inequality and family.  It’s tense and darkly funny, with a great Texas atmosphere and lived in characters.

3. Arrival

A smart alien ‘invasion’ movie that focuses on communication and unity instead of violence and bombast, underlined with an emotional and eye opening human story that demands multiple viewings.

4. The Edge of Seventeen

Hailee Steinfeld is Oscar worthy in this coming of age tale.  It’s equally hilarious and heartbreaking, all the while being surprisingly relatable.

5. Moonlight

A deep character study full of empathy and raw emotions.  Fantastic acting and even better direction.

6. Manchester by the Sea

A subtle, yet completely honest portrayal of dealing with grief.  One of the best acting ensembles of year.

7. Captain America: Civil War

Kinetic action, real world themes, and focus on characters new and old make this one of the best entries in the MCU.

8. Captain Fantastic

Who knew living off the grid could be so interesting?  A unique take on the family dramedy that shows the good and bad of both sides, and gets the family into some hysterical situations.

9. The Witch 

A dark and atmospheric experience, with eerily authentic sense of dread.  It’s a horror movie that’s actually horrific!

10. Swiss Army Man

The most unique and absurdly hilarious movie of the year.  A movie that I feel is about normalizing openly loving relationships between two males, whether it’s romantic or not.  Career performance from Radcliffe as well.

11. The Nice Guys

The best written action comedy in years.  Amazing chemistry between Crowe and Gosling.  Just so much fun and totally rewatchable.

12. Sing Street

An inspired story filled with great music, likeable characters that you can’t help but root for, and a great authentic 80s feel.

13. Hunt for the Wilder people

Another absurdist comedy from Taika Waititi featuring fantastic banter between the two unlikely leads and a subtlety touching story.

14. Nocturnal Animals

A dark and twisted sophomore effort from Tom Ford.  Incredible ensemble all around and a story within a story that’s completely captivating.

15. Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds killed it in the role he was born to play.  Very funny and a very faithful adaptation of the tone of the comics!

16. Star Trek Beyond

A very entertaining and character driven movie for the franchise’s 50th anniversary.  Great new characters and great use of classic characters.

Honorable mentions:

- A Monster Calls

- Green Room

- The Neon Demon

- Equals

- Doctor Strange

- Kubo and the two strings

- David Brent: Life on the road

- American Honey

- The Jungle book

- Midnight special

Best Films of 2016!!
by: Tristan Bunn

I can’t believe that 2016 has already reached an end! This year has absolutely flown by, but it was an amazing year for cinema. This is a list of my top 10 favorite films of the year, and it was really hard to just narrow it down to 10, but I did so with some honorable mentions.

It’s important to note that these films aren’t ranked based on the grade I gave them. These are just my personal favorite films ranked based on my opinion and how much I love them. Also, I have not yet seen Paterson or Silence because they haven’t opened in the Southeast yet.
Without further ado, let’s get started with my Top 10 Favorite Films of 2016!!

Honorable Mentions: Sing Street, Deadpool, Hush, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Midnight Special.

10. The Neon Demon: I know not everyone loved this film, but Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest effort really took my breath away. I think Refn said so much about vanity and beauty in our society through brilliant visual storytelling, and I liked it more with repeat viewings.

9. Green Room: Jeremy Saulnier delivered a brutal and heart-pounding cat and mouse thriller that kept me coming back for more. After I saw this film the first time, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’ve seen it 5 times, and could easily watch it some more. It is beautifully violent and incredibly well directed.

8. Nocturnal Animals: Tom Ford brought us his best film to date in a really impressive visual tale that connects three narratives wonderfully and takes you on a gritty journey with amazing performances that make it hard for you not to be sucked in with your eyes glued to the screen.

7. Captain Fantastic: Viggo Mortensen is back and delivers one of his best performances to date in this touching and moving film about family that offers up some wonderful insights on our society. The script is sweet and funny, and the performances are touching. 

6. Manchester by the Sea: This film was so realistic and the dialogue was so masterfully crafted, that I felt like I was just peering in on the lives of these people. Casey Affleck delivers one of the best performances of the decade in a film that deserves to be seen.

5. Hacksaw Ridge: Mel Gibson is back and better than ever! This film is absolutely stunning. It really sits and builds this hero without pushing any kind of agenda whatsoever. The hero is built up so that when we got to the war sequence, my jaw was on the floor and my eyes were full of tears. This is the most brutal war film since Saving Private Ryan, but it isn’t glorifying violence in any way. It is placing these events in front of your eyes without holding back, so you can appreciate true heroism.

4. Arrival: Denis Villeneuve continues to prove he’s one of the best directors working because he just gets better and better at honing his craft. Arrival is a gorgeous film that examines communication and human connection in a slow burn and methodical film that rewards you more so than I expected. Villeneuve continues to blow me away with each film he makes.

3. The Nice Guys: This is, by far, the funniest film of the year, and one of the funniest in quite a few years. The chemistry between Gosling and Crowe is pure cinema magic and Shane Black’s script is genuinely perfect. Black has provided an amazing movie for true fans of cinema to soak up. Please go support this movie because it underperformed, and that is such bullshit because The Nice Guys is phenomenal.

2. Hell or High Water: This movie blew me away. I adore this film. I bought the blu ray, and I’ve watched it over and over again, and I just love it more each time. I actually think this is the best screenplay of the year, powered by great direction and Oscar worthy performances across the board. The cinematography is also gorgeous, bringing this world to life in one of my favorite films I’ve seen in many years.

1. La La Land: I was a huge fan of Whiplash, but I think Damien Chazelle outdid himself here. La La Land is the best directed film of the year, hands down, and is a love letter to people with passion, ambition, and who want to follow their dreams. Gosling and Stone have chemistry that comes along maybe once every couple of decades in cinema and the film builds upon them masterfully. The script is amazing, the songs are tremendous, and the directing is flawless. This is truly one of my new favorite films, and it actually got better on the second viewing! There was no doubt in my mind that La La Land was my favorite film of 2016 because it is a true cinematic masterpiece.

There you have it! Those are my 10 favorite films of 2016! Thank you so much to all of you who have read our reviews here at Home Planet Reviews for yet another year. It really means a lot to us that people care about what we have to say because we just love movies. We started this page just for fun and because we love talking about cinema, and we get to do that here. So, to anyone that reads our reviews, thank you. We look forward to doing it again in 2017!


The Best of 2016

A running theme with my selection this year is re-watch value and the lingering impression that it leaves upon the audience. Some pictures that could’ve ben placed on the list were ultimately left out in favor of others that were more memorable and left you wanting to re-watch the whole thing again (#8 and #7 are great examples of this). While the year started off very weak, I found myself having to make tough cuts to limit the list to just 10. A complete list of all the films I saw can be found here.

10. Shin Godzilla

I always save the #10 spot on my list for a film that speaks personally to me. This year, it’s “Shin Godzilla”. This was an absolutely terrifying experience. It perfectly captures the hopeless dread you’d face when confronted with a disaster of such magnitude as an entire city being reduced to ash. More than any other iteration of Godzilla, this take is a true monster. It’s a creature so ugly it frightens; it’s a misshapen aberration, an unnatural animal huge in size. It isn’t yet available on DVD and I immensely regret only seeing it the one time in the theater.

9. Moana

This year’s best looking animated film. It’s filled with catchy songs and great humor, giving it more re-watch value than Zootopia and Finding Dory (both of which are so good they nearly made the list). The visuals are brilliant and I the blend of familiar Disney Princess elements and new storytelling techniques. I’ve seen it 3 times and can’t wait to see it at home.

8. Nocturnal Animals

The first scene is an odd one, but what follows is a profoundly disturbing and frightening thriller that gets better the more you think about it.

7. Arrival

This year’s smartest science fiction film also showcases a brilliant performance by Amy Adams. It’s the antithesis of the brainless volley of special effects that is Independence Day: Resurgence.

6. The Edge of Seventeen

This one is a splendid balance of humor and touching coming-of-age moments. I laughed frequently, hard, and marveled at the dialogue. I think this is one that will speak particularly loudly to teens, and to those who remember what being a teenager is like. Great performances as well.

5. Hidden Figures

The most crowd-pleasing 2 hours I witnessed in the theater this year. It’s so much fun you want to see it again the second it ends.

4. Hell or High Water

I called this one when I first saw it in early September. Brilliant screenplay, a killer ending, and excellent cinematography await you.

3. Manchester by the Sea

The top three films are nearly interchangeable. I didn’t immediately realize how good Casey Affleck was until about halfway through. Once you understand what his character is really about, it’s a bombshell. It changes your whole perception of him. Lest you think it’s a big twist that makes the film so good, it isn’t. There are many tender human moments throughout that make it worth your while.

2. La La Land

A modern take on old-school musicals, there are plenty of memorable tunes for you to tap your feet to here. Repeat viewings (I intend on seeing it again first chance I get) will help you grasp the brilliant dance choreography, costume design, and performances.

The Runner Ups:

I wanted to put this one on the list, but I don’t know how eager I’ll be to revisit it. It certainly contains some of the best performances of 2016, but the ending is also a bit of a letdown. Not enough to bring it down from a 5-star review, but the competition is fierce here.

Silence, 20th Century Women & A Monster Calls

These are a trio of great films. Very powerful, superbly directed and acted. Definitely some of the best films I saw in 2016. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the room for them. They just weren’t quite as impactful or memorable as the other 10 picks.

Captain Fantastic

I wish I had had the foresight to watch this film a second time while it was in the cinema. Looking bad, it really is a good film. A great one even. My initial review was unfair. I’ll be the first to admit it.

1. Moonlight

I wound up with Moonlight at the top of my list largely due to the immediate impact it had on me. With some films like Manchester by the Sea or Arrival I had to sit and think about for a bit before I could confirm my 5-star rating, this one just kept getting better and better as it went along. It started at 5 stars and stayed there.