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~Tag nine people who you want to get to know better~

1) Relationship status: single and uninterested af

2) Wake up time: [sweats nervously] 3pm…. (I SLEEP AT LIKE 7AM PLS DO NOT JUDGE ME- I AM SMOL AND NOCTURNAL)

3) Favourite colour: sea green (that sounds so pretentious but sure look)

4) Cats or dogs: i really don’t know bc i love dogs so much but i am afraid of them and i do love cats a lot too… i guess i’ll say cats bc only once in my life have i ran away in terror from one

5) Coke or Pepsi: coke (although i’d say i drink some like twice a year or smth)

6) Call or text: text~ phone calls stress me out

7) Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick first, then lipstick. *sings* you get the beeeeeest of both worlds

8) Last song I listened to: whatta man (good man) by IOI <33 (i love them so much and this song is 10/10) 

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Nocturnal Sea - Nocturnal Sea