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What's your opinion on ritual clothing? Some Wiccans have told me that you're online supposed to wear those long black robes you see in some Wiccan/Pagan shops and such but other pagans have told me that you wear what's related to your craft. What's your opinion on the subject?

Honestly, I do my rituals in my pajamas with a face mask on sometimes. I’ve never been big on ritual clothing, unless it’s a super important ritual to me, and even then it’s more of a “whatever makes you feel like the badass practitioner you are” kind of thing.

And if you’re not specifically Wiccan, then you don’t necessarily have to take their word for it when it comes to your practice. 

Hope this helps hun.

nocturnal wix

Unless you’re part of a tradition or group that has clothing requirements, I’d say don’t worry about it unless wearing ritual clothing actually serves a purpose for you.  Some faith traditions do have requirements about what you’re allowed or not allowed to wear - headscarves, no dark colors, etc - and they usually have a reason for it.  Masks are a time-honored tool for ‘putting on’ an identity during ritual; veils can make possession or trance easier, but I’ve also seen mediums wear headscarves as a way to lessen the likelihood of possession; some spirits and entities may prefer to interact with people who dress a certain way, especially if it has to do with modesty, depending on their personal cultural norms. 

When Santero friends invite me to something I always make sure to dress according to their requirements, but like Nocturnal Wix, in my own private practice my spirits are lucky if I bother with more than sweatpants.  Comfort is far more important and those dramatic black cloaks always end up strangling me anyway, which is not only terribly uncomfortable but distracts me from the purpose of the damn ritual in the first place.  However, a friend who identifies as a “stitch witch” and makes all her own textiles puts huge importance on cloth and fiber in her own work, so for her, ritual clothing makes perfect sense.  Like masks, having special clothing can be a useful psychological tool for helping you mentally transition between “normal daily living” and “oh hey, ritual time!” but it’s definitely not necessary unless your tradition or personal preference says so.

For people with sensory sensitivities in particular, having ritual clothing made of certain kinds of cloth textures or colors could serve a purpose, but that would be up to individual experimentation on what helps, hinders, or makes no difference at all.

Jewelry, though…I am never without devotional jewelry or amulets unless I’m explicitly requested to remove them.  For me, jewelry serves as physical focii for connection instead of clothing.

- mountain hound