nocturnal scene

- Hello.

- Oh.
Just half a loaf and some cheese.
I’m not going to be here, so…

- You shouldn’t have.

- Waste not, want not.
Well, see you.

- Yeah.
Thank you. :)

Abend im Café Bauer (1898). Lesser Ury (German, 1861-1931).

Ury’s subjects were landscapes, urban landscapes, and interior scenes, treated in an Impressionistic manner that ranged from the subdued tones of figures in a darkened interior to the effects of streetlights at night to the dazzling light of foliage against the summer sky. Ury is especially noted for his paintings of nocturnal cafe scenes and rainy streets.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any Shizaya fic recommendations?

I haven’t had the time for fics lately, but I do have ones I enjoyed. Complication, Eloquence doesn’t equal intelligence by @itsnotloveifitsjust​ aka Tsuku, where….alright I won’t spoil but the twist is an intriguing concept. A Rather Monstrous World, which is a take on Prisoner of War Izaya and Enemy Soldier Shizuo. It has smut, but the story is good and the plot draws you in. The one with Shizuo and Izaya on an island….A Cheap Imitation (interesting title). There was a scene in that one I really liked, it really seemed like a movie (of course it was a scene of Shizuo) and it starts off with quite an impactful scene. This is War by @miyukiwynter is a what if Izaya had Saika fic which is an interesting concept. There’s another one, an Izaya redemption fic, but I can’t remember the title, only the author, ‘adargo’. They have a tumblr. I think the authors of those other two fics have tumblr too but I’m not sure if I can tag them…

Anyway there was another one, again I can’t remember the title but it was a story with everyone helping Shizuo to get Izaya in a chatroom. I liked it because it involved the cast of characters. They’re like chatting in the chatroom with their handles and they’re so cute. Though I liked it more for Shizuo than Izaya. Alright I just checked, it’s The Secret I.U.G (Izaya Update Group) Ok people have so creative titles haha why can’t I remember (and why isn’t there an update!). Ok I just remembered the title of the Izaya redemption fic, it’s Nocturnal. There’s a scene of Shizuo swimming to get to Izaya - ok no spoilers but there was a suspenseful scene with the characters too. And it’s just like Izaya redemption fic and even involves Manami and Kine with Izaya and Manami as Izaya’s friend?? 

There were other fics I liked, a fic with Shizuo coming to visit Izaya in a wheelchair, a fic with vampire Izaya and priest Shizuo, a fic with Alpha Shizuo and Omega Izaya but without smut (so far), a fic with Izaya helping Shizuo (though that was very long ago but it was an interesting concept) but I just can’t remember the titles sorry. I only remember the story. 


★ skyeweek 2015 → day 3: favorite hero moment
heroes aren’t people with powers or with guns
heroes are people who see light in dark places