nocturnal model



Here are the QR codes for my main brick path in Nocturne, Modeled by my lovely path’s specialist, Cossette :D  Including a tile with grass/vines that I like to use around the edges of paths where I don’t want a border (like the beginning or end of a path) also for individual tiles and sometimes for single tile-wide paths.  It looks a little more natural :) 

I also have a cobblestone pattern that will be coming shortly. All of my purple paths are made with the same colors so they all match (with the exception of my very first path witch is very obviously a different color, lol) 


Take me to my final sleep.

Model/MUA: ReeRee Phillips
Photographer: Alterd_Mind
Jewellery: @nocturnehandcrafts
Dress: Punk Rave (from The Gothic Shop)


The continuation of Erik Carter‘s nighttime project now with dashing model portrait series entitled NOCTURNE.

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