nocturnal melancholia

You, with your star-sprinkled eyes, pushed me
into the pit of your curiosities. Down, down,
down, below I go. Into the depth, the caves and
lakes and fires and hells inside of you.

Each night, without you, or even a piece of
you, the universe hits me. Like a train
rushing 5,000 miles an hour. Like the wind
shouting at the top of its lungs. Like a
thousand knives falling all at once.

So when I ask you to be patient, to not mind the
dangling skeletons in the living room, to not dig
our previous bodies in the backyard, please be
reminded that once beneath the stars, we swore
to always drown our loneliness in the ocean of each
other’s arms.

Yet tonight, the sky is starless.
Like our hearts, the night is cracking.
Like the night, its faults are hidden
in the darkness.

In silence, like the night, we break slowly.

—  Nocturnal Melancholia | (j.d.a)