nocturnal inspiration

9.1.2017 // heyyyy everyone!!! Quite some time since I last posted sth original :D I’m doing fine, but I’m really busy, especially with the term exams coming up and the research I’m doing at uni ^^ (tbh I’m really tired too hahaha but nah I’m happy :33) anyway, this pic are some notes from an article, and I’m off to take some rest and to work with full energy tomorrow!! :D

Rebeca as the Goddess of Night and the Nocturnal, stolen inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses’s Rhysand, who can make night appear as a mist or fog to numb the senses, to surround you with fear or comfort, for good or for evil. She can summon anything from a mild, starry summer night to freezing pitch-black darkness, and she can trap you in that fog. Creatures of the night will often find comfort in her presence, no matter how cruel and wicked.

Her theme would, of course, be made by the lovely James Blake.

This was the wonderful @sso-eden-dawnvalley ‘s idea, I love it!

The Nocturnal Writer

Inspiration is a nocturnal creature. 

She thrives in the solace of midnight, when the moon is out on show. She greets me in the quiet as she did some nights before.

“Hello, old friend,’ she whispers. “I knew that you would come.”

“Thank you,” I reply softly. “It has truly been too long.” 

She leads me to her shelter and we sit out of the cold. She walks me through the page, like leaving footprints in the snow. But when the sun is shining, all traces of her are gone. Save those markings on the paper, and the stories that she spun.

10.2.2017 // writing some notes for my research paper ^^ i’ll go to sleep now, I’m really tired :D this week was really busy, but I enjoyed it ^^ good night everyone!

Hello Senpai!!
So I send this before but I think Tumblr swallow it…. Anyway here is a fan-art (more or less) of a nocturne sky inspired by your speed paint of Sans and Papyrus watching the stars

I just wanted to send it cause you are a great inspiration for me and I admire your work so much… An I hope I will be a great artist like you someday, im just a 13 year old so…. Yeah Im far from that….
Anyway, dont mind my horrible english (english isnt my language) and continue being so awesome :)

Aw. I love this! You did a great job!


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