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5-9-17 | 71/100 Days of Productivity

this is sort of my last day of studying for the aphug exam? my aphug teacher made me and all the aphug students come after school for this large review session and it was really refreshing :’DDD all i’m doing is just a quick overview with the review book and all of my notes this year to keep calm and breathe and feel ready for this exam

i’m pretty excited for this exam for some reason, i got this. yeah, okay. I CAN DO THIS. let’s just hope all this studying and reviewing is worth it !!

oh, and i got my last apes test tomorrow … ;v;””

hope y’all have a marvelous day !!

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Wakened by nothing
but the cold and empty air around her,
she cries and I stumble through
the darkened hall to reach her.
Now she is nightlight lit and restless in my arms
as we sway in this not quite silent rocking chair.
The room is filled with the sound of
artificial rain, meant for her,
but it drags my eyelids down too
and I fight to keep them up,
stay alert,
for this nightly, bittersweet
2am ritual

9.1.2017 // heyyyy everyone!!! Quite some time since I last posted sth original :D I’m doing fine, but I’m really busy, especially with the term exams coming up and the research I’m doing at uni ^^ (tbh I’m really tired too hahaha but nah I’m happy :33) anyway, this pic are some notes from an article, and I’m off to take some rest and to work with full energy tomorrow!! :D

Elle est belle, et plus que belle ; elle est surprenante. En elle le noir abonde : et tout ce qu’elle inspire est nocturne et profond. Ses yeux sont deux antres où scintille vaguement le mystère, et son regard illumine comme l’éclair : c’est une explosion dans les ténèbres.
—  Le Désir de Peindre - Le Spleen de Paris - Baudelaire

Et certaines fois, l'envie d'écrire vous prend comme la foudre s'abat sur un arbre. Cette fois elle m'est venue lorsque la flamme de mon briquet jaune a embrassé ma cigarette dans cette somptueuse nuit de printemps.

Me voilà assise sur ce transats au milieu de mon jardin, sans réel sujet mais avec le simple besoin d'écrire, de ne faire plus qu'un avec les mots. La lune éclaire les touches  de mon ordinateur et la fumée d'entre mes doigts rend limpide mes pensées.

Elle traverse mes poumons de sa longue et voluptueuse caresse pour s'épanouir dans l'immensité de ce ciel. Et je voyage à travers elle, je m'approche des étoiles, des satellites, des rêves déchus, et comme ma cendre je m'écrase sur ce carrelage froid, là où mes sentiments gisaient déjà depuis plusieurs mois.

Le chants des oiseaux rythme ma plume, ils sont nocturnes égale à l'inspiration ils traversent mers et montagnes.

Et je reprends un peu plus de ce poison qui me dirige vers la voie lactée pour m'assoupir sur ce sol hostile à l'art.

Je ne suis qu'une cigarette, je ne suis que toxique et bancale, je ne suis faite que pour les gens qui ne souhaitent se donner la mort qu'avec classe et peur.

Je souffle une dernière fois dans cet air frais et écrase le mégot dans un cendrier gris.

Fin de la cigarette, fin du texte, fin de l'espoir de s'évader avec ma fumée.  

I have generally found that the title of ‘author’ claimed with an air, explains every little innocent irregularity of conduct or appearance, and even requires something of the kind to carry conviction to the lay intelligence. The present case was one in point, and when I said that I could only write in a room facing north, on mutton chops and milk, with a cold ham in the wardrobe in case of nocturnal inspiration, to which I was liable, my literary character was established beyond dispute. I secured the rooms, paid a month’s rent in advance at my own request, and moped in them dreadfully until the week was up and Raffles due any day. I explained that the inspiration would not come, and asked abruptly if the mutton was New Zealand.
—  E.W. Hornung, “An Old Flame”

Hello Senpai!!
So I send this before but I think Tumblr swallow it…. Anyway here is a fan-art (more or less) of a nocturne sky inspired by your speed paint of Sans and Papyrus watching the stars

I just wanted to send it cause you are a great inspiration for me and I admire your work so much… An I hope I will be a great artist like you someday, im just a 13 year old so…. Yeah Im far from that….
Anyway, dont mind my horrible english (english isnt my language) and continue being so awesome :)

Aw. I love this! You did a great job!


Jokers Song - Miracle of Sound

Drones, Lasers Help Archaeologists Study Ancient Mayan Ruins

Archaeologists studying Mayan ruins have taken inspiration from nocturnal bats flying above, using drones to scan the ancient temples from an entirely new viewpoint. The remote-controlled quadcopters have proven so useful, in fact, that researchers have assembled enough footage to create a 3D model of the site hidden deep in the jungle.

Researchers from the University of California San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute coordinated with a team of archaeologists and drone experts to document the Mayan archaeological site of El Zotz in northern Guatemala. Remnants from the pre-Columbian civilization are still largely unexcavated in part because the best way to view the large stone structures in humid, forested jungle is by air. Read more.