nocturnal avenger

Super Husbands

Summary: Blaine fails to mention what he’s really doing when he’s at the library “studying” night after night. But here’s the thing: Kurt already knows.

The title is very obviously a reference to the Flash/Supergirl song from the musical episode because, duh. :)

As always, beta’ed by my own personal superhero and superfriend @a-simple-rainbow. ♥

Rating: PG

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Kurt didn’t plan on telling Blaine what he knows that night but one thing leads to another, and Kurt’s secret about Blaine’s secret is out. Blaine just can’t lie to save a life, though Kurt has got to hand it to his husband – he saves lives like no other.

He’s kept his mouth shut so far, figured Blaine would come to him eventually, but now that he’s caught him red-handed – well, black-handed, technically, since the color scheme of Blaine’s suit is blue and black – he just can’t go on pretending that he buys Blaine’s lies about studying late at the library night after night.

“What are you doing there?” Kurt asks, sleepily yet horrified, as he walks into the bathroom and watches Blaine pull off his cape and cram it into the washing machine.

“Kurt!” Blaine flinches, turning around with an end of the cape still in his hand. “I- I… um, I was trying on a costume for…” He looks lost for a second, and his eyes light up when he finally thinks of something. “Halloween! Um, yeah, for Halloween.”

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Before Sunrise They’re Your Kids!

basically inspired from Lion King quote “Before sunrise he’s your son.”

You were woken in the middle of the night by the sounds of screams. You bolted upright in the bed and Bruce did the same beside you. The pair of you listened intently for several seconds trying to identify the danger. First you heard Tim’s voice, then Jason’s and finally Damian’s. They were arguing. Groaning, you flopped back down onto your pillow, pulling the covers back up to your shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Bruce asked. You could feel his eyes glaring daggers at you. “Aren’t you going to do something about that?” Even though you weren’t facing him, you could tell he’d just pointed at your bedroom door. You glanced over at the alarm clock on your nightstand. It was two in the morning. Too early to deal with screaming teenage boys.

“I take them to school, I make sure they get fed and I help them with their homework. I work the day shift. Batman is Gotham’s nocturnal avenger. Before sunrise, they’re your kids.” You grumbled before squeezing your eyes shut.

“You’re lucky I love you!” You heard him mumble before he flung the covers off himself and staggered sleepily towards the door. “BOYS!”

anonymous prompted: Kurt and Blaine somehow swap bodies the morning of their wedding and are panicking

well this went further than I expected. ao3

He’s not sure why he wakes up; it feels like he hasn’t slept long enough, but judging by the light outside the window, it must only be an hour or so before he usually gets up. He can sense Blaine next to him, still fast asleep. It’s unusual for Kurt to wake up before Blaine, and he’s not (often) superstitious or anything but it seems like something always goes wrong on these days.

But nothing can or will go wrong today - he’s getting married, damn it. It’s going to be one of the best days of his life, and the inconsequential fact that he somehow woke up before his husband-to-be won’t change that if he can help it.

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Fic: Holding Out For A Hero

So I’ve seen a ton of people pointing out recently that Blaine climbed in through the choir room windows as Nightbird and that Kurt always looked out those windows, so what if he was waiting for Nightbird?

I took that challenge. ~2000 words, mostly fluff between these two weird, adorable boys. Some bullying/derogatory language, though, if that’s something you can’t read. Possibly unrealistic love story, but hell, Blaine’s already got superpowers.

“Do it again!” Kurt urged. “C'mon, one more time, Blaine!”

Blaine sighed dramatically, but his sparkling eyes gave away his amusement. “Fiiiiiine,” he said. “But if we get caught, I’m telling our parents this was all your fault.” He held his arms open, and Kurt eagerly walked into his embrace, reaching up and wrapping his arms around Blaine’s shoulders as Blaine put his own around Kurt’s waist. “Ready?”

“Uh huh!” Kurt said, tucking his face into Blaine’s neck and bending his knees along with Blaine.

“Three…two…one…blast off!” Blaine said, full of fourteen-year-old excitement, and he jumped fifteen feet off the ground. Kurt screamed his excitement into Blaine’s neck, and Blaine laughed giddly as he suspended them in midair.

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But C I was supposed to be Nightbird! (Nocturnal Avenger). What the hell am I supposed to be?

I want another costume. Surely there is something else I can wear?

No! I wasn’t the fox in the video. C’mon I want to be Nightbird with the suit, cape and mask.

What do you mean in order to change my clothes you must remove head!?…

Well then a pirate’s life for me!

Although this eye patch reminds of the time Sebastian threw rock salt in my eye. 

Yo! Ho! 

The great part of JB as Blaine’s rival is that he’s TOTALLY the kind of guy to find out Blaine has a fake superhero alternate identity, and then make up his own supervillain alternative identity complete with costumes and choreography just so he can psych Blaine out some more.

…Only, he doesn’t psych Blaine out at all, because Blaine is too excited that “NIGHTBIRD HAS A REAL NEMESIS OH MY GOD!”

then they stay up all night comparing costumes before remembering that they are ENEMIES and SWORN NEMESISES.

but you know you get the picture