Soren grew very still. Something was happening. He was not frightened. No, not frightened at all. But sad, yes, deeply and terribly sad. He felt himself drawn to these two shapes. They were fluffy and their heads were cocked in such a familiar was if they were listening to him. And they were calling to him, and they were saying things but there were no sounds.


All of you who guessed the spirit woods scene got it right! I’m so glad to finally upload this, I’m really happy with how it came out!

It was a close tie between Nocturne and Noctis/Noctus, the Latin term for night. Thank you so much to my amazing friend who had agreed to help me turn my crappy outline into a script!! Bless her soul.

Heyo guys!! So sorry about the hiatus, I’m still actually on it, but I whipped up this quick drawing in celebration of our sweet Juju ❤️

I’m still in awe of all my incredible friends (irl and here on tumblr) who have agreed to help me bring this AU to life. Like seriously, what the hell have I done to deserve you guys?? I promised myself to do one big shoutout once the dust of this major project clears!

If it wasn’t very clear, I’m planning on turning this AU into several mini comics, with one actual solid plot for each route. My aim is to showcase the amazing skills of both writing and art of all my friends, as well as further improve my own! My team of besties have banded together, but honestly, I’m going to need all the help I can get. If you are willing to contribute some time to help, I swear to the good lord almighty, it would be very much appreciated. I would adore you forever. Promise^^

Actually, just hit me up with a chat if you are interested in knowing where the plot is going to go! I won’t be able to spoil all the details on what’s actually gonna happen in each route, but I’d accept all your comments and suggestions and take them into consideration!! So yep, all your efforts would be appreciated and praised by yours truly. I babbled too much, so I’ll end it now!! I hope you all have a lovely day ❤️❤️❤️

“Desperado” 2016. Sketchbook & Digital. Another Pokemon piece for 2016 featuring another one of my favorite grass types (I love grass type pokemon). I’ve wanted to do Cacturne piece for a while now and have always seen it as this sort of Mexican cowboy or wild west vigilante Pokemon since the first few screens I saw of it. Anyways, here’s my take :)



You’ve probably already seen this, but if you haven’t I would like to direct your attention to this fun deleted scene. And by fun I mean terrifying and full of scary things that were probably best left out of the final movie. 

Also, bonus detail: they STILL didn’t get Grimble’s family’s species right, but at least they’re both spotted owls now (instead of the species mess that showed up in the actual movie) 

Illustration by @connorricks

While space was always a place for man to explore, it would be as the maps of the old oceans were. The inky void did not prohibit life, but allowed all sorts of things to develop. Man’s first encounter with the monsters of space was Ziero, the space dragon. Attacking during the earth’s first age of kaiju, it was driven away by the combined forces of the legendary Gadashin, the hybrid Koga, and the prehistoric Ol’ Bertha. It was eventually trapped on the dark side of the moon, and kept there until the first interstellar travel of mankind, where it escaped once more and dueled with the Cosmic Owl Noctus, before being driven away into the inky depths of the space in between stars. With concussive abilities from the “gills” on its body, it can summon large clouds of sound that generate force in space. Ziero is able to force this into a slashing beam of sound as well, creating a dangerous beast that uses its own body to create dangerous weapons.

Another commission I had asked for from the almighty @c-g-ricks, I wanted to share this beauty with you all. Here, Ziero roams in the most familiar of terrains for it, that of space. As a space dragon, his biology makes little sense and emulates that of deep sea creatures to a degree. Connor did a wonderful job with him, and I’m glad that another monster of mine got a wonderful piece to show itself off. Ziero gets bonus points though, as I originally wrote him up looking at Connor’s work for inspiration.

Here’s the original bio, for those interested.

And might I say, Connor is really wonderful to work with. Clear lines of communication, various different designs to help pin down what looked right, and quite professional. I highly recommend him for those curious if they should.

anonymous asked:

can you pls recommend me some friendly nct blogs? i want to start one on my own and get myself in touch with the fandom, pretty plss. love u

Of course, although I don’t know if I am good at this. 

I think I interacted with 3 or 4 people from this list till now!! But I’ve sent them anon cheering messages and liked and reblogged stuff from them so they seem pretty nice to me! So these are some blogs that post about NCT and I follow and seem friendly to me (some of them are my mutuals and I am happy for following them!):

@iloveyu-ta @icetaeil @jaesusjung @nct-marklee @yourjaehyun @johnnyseod @why-jaehyun @doyoungspout @grandpa-ty @ni-mxra @1aeil @icetaeil @mkayjaemin @ncttrashaf @nakamot0 @nakamotos-wife @nct-leetaeyong @onceagainnct @ddiyongie @doyoums @for-nct @savemarkshair@nctinc @fy-taeyong95 @taeiloves @mxrksgf @overdosedonnct @whispers-jyp @chicagoboijohnny @nctkilledme @maryamyukki @https-km @marksvocals @elizabethkatarina @highfivemarklee @tennoona @spicekingtaeil @nctdestroyedmysociallife @luvmykai @tenislove @ty-taeyong @tensmicrowave @taeyongdata @taeyongfireeyes @nct-is-dreaming-again @thirsty-for-jae @bts17exo @omona-tblr @teewhytrack @ngxctrinh @kpop-freak88 @death-by-nct @jaeminniemouse @yutadaisuki @nct-tysjawline @iloveleejeno @tenpioca @dingdonghyucksgf @chittaphonalicious @hansoulji@neotenct @smrookiestenlover @marksvocals @renjuns1 @breathingtaebreeze @nctunlimited @cutie-lee-taeyong @nctokki @kwonhoshi1010 @nct-u @johnnysstation @elizabethkatarina @stoop-girl @bts-makes-me-begin @teeuai @fy-hantae@neotechworld @neo-moontaeil @neotechs @noctuing @planettaeil @iamncttrash @taeiloves 

I follow many more other blogs but they are inactive for more than a month and some won’t let me tag here (going to see what is happening!!) Sorry for this I don’t know how to tag in alphabetical order!!

I hope this helps! And be welcomed to the fandom! Everyone is really nice and the contents of each blog are killer (especially neotechs who put lots of effort in their gifs and edits)!