Taejin Mission 015: Breed for Speed / Noctis and Cloud

“What a weird mission.” Noctis muttered under his breath, as he walked along the plains.

This mission really was weird, and for many reasons too. First, the ones who had hired taejin’s army were people from a small normadic tribe from the northwest of Oerba.


Second, the reason why they had hired two men from Taejin was for the sake of protecting an egg, a rare chocobo egg of some sort, that for some reason would only be bred once it reached the environmental conditions of Alarsya Gorge.

Very weird.

Noctis was a man used to taking on missions. His missions used to involve killing huge beasts that terrorized Oerba. That, he could do.

But babysitting an egg? Please.

Noctis grumbled, as he reached the designed giving-out point. He was early to it, it seemed. Both the man who was supposed to give him the chocobo egg, and the man who was supposed to be his partner were yet to arrive.


Noctis sat down and looked up at the starry sky. Bored. 

Taejin Mission 46: Containing the Beast | Noctis and Luneth

Someone must always take responsibility.

Piercing light in the darkness of his thoughts. That phrase had rung in his mind more than once since he had connected the details of the mission briefing with the incident in the mines. The responsibility of protecting the town of Agardon fell under the jurisdiction of the Army, of course, hence Luneth and so many others being sent to aid in its defense, but every time that phrase echoed in his head a distinct sense of purpose swelled beneath his skin and surged forth to the tips of his toes and all the way back.

It was a lesson Luneth had learned well. More often than not, it was Luneth who had shouldered responsibility for the orphans of Ur during his time there. Even in the courts of Castle Erol, he had witnessed the cruelty with which the affluent and powerful regarded the meager and unfortunate. This was perhaps part of the reason he had ventured into the  Mah'habara underground alongside a certain red mage with the intent of retrieving a trapped worker. They had all escaped with their lives, yes, but Luneth’s carelessness had caused the tunnels to collapse upon themselves as they fled. He envisioned once more the sinkholes near Agardon from which wave upon wave of fell creature now rolled to crash upon the humble town; the Army was to play stanchion for the town until something could be done about the sinkholes, but the question remained as to what that something was. Had the sinkholes formed in answer to the disturbance Luneth caused in Mah'habara..? 

Someone must always take responsibility.

He glanced into the icy eyes of his partner in the fireteam to which they belonged for this mission. Noctis boasted even less experience in the field than Luneth, but he hadn’t showed any signs of distress during the briefing. He held himself well, if rather nonchalantly, but there was something Luneth couldn’t place about his bearing just yet. Nevertheless, Luneth had made the effort to give a warm introduction when the team convened to leave for Agardon, and had tried a few times to coax a smile out of the other team members with some puns on the way. Just now, Adrion, the leader of their  team, had come charging back from conference with the commander of the militia forces manning the southeastern gate where they had come in.

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Friends from the past / @promptotaejin

Noctis was walking around the marketplace, shopping for mission gear and items. He had a new mission he would be doing soon, and he was always ready for such occasions. He had enough money to buy as many potions and phoenix downs and remedies as necessary. He was also looking for gear upgrades and, why not, maybe even some sort of food he could take, since the mission was long and required him to stay out of town for a few days.

As he was shopping however, he noticed something. A young man, not very far from him. He squinted his eyes softly, as he made out the young adult’s face. In a moment, it clicked. He knew this person before.

“Prompto.” Noctis murmured, to himself.

Noctis and Prompto had been friends since young age. Basically they were best buddies. Noctis was weak and easily bullied, so Prompto stood up for him and protected him. Soon they were best friends and spent all time playing around. Prompto also taught Noctis how to defend himself.

However, one day Prompto simply disappeared. He asked the servants of the castle why, but all they told Noctis was that Prompto “was gone, and wouldn’t come back”.

As Noctis grew up, he eventually realized these words meant Prompto was dead. So, he came to terms with the death of his first and only friend. Until, of course, he could see that exact same friend, suddenly appearing before him, as a ghost.

Noctis approached him, tilting his head to the side. “Prompto? Is this really you?”

Mission 026 // An Issue of Power

It was only a few days until the Bismarck Festival, but Noctis had another mission. Apparently he was paired up again. It couldn’t be helped, really. Good missions were well paid mission. Well paid missions were hard missions. And hard missions demanded at least 2 participants.

With a sigh, he was waiting in the HQ for his partner. It was a female this time, a girl named Selphie. He had no idea who she was but he barely stayed around to meet people in the Army. His only purposes were killing monsters and investigating the responsible people for the death of his family. Nothing else mattered to him.

He crosses his arm and watches his baby red chocobo play around on top of the table. Noctis had acquired it in the past mission he had. He was growing kind of fond of the little guy. The red chocobo had quite a temper and was really energetic and cute. Noctis then closed his eyes and slowly started to drift in sleep.

What was his mission again? Restoring power to the transformation facility? Sounded dull. It was most likely an energy defect. Noctis breathed deeply. If this mission wasn’t offering so much money he would certainly refuse. But he needed to pay his bills, and the city needed eletrict energy, so it couldn’t be helped. 

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