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Comic Book Shows with Female Protagonists 1

1. Wonder Woman: Diana Prince (1975-1979) (failed new pilot 2011)

2. Spider-Woman animated series: Jessica Drew (1979-1980) (Agent of S.W.O.R.D. motion comic 2009)

3.  The Incredible Hulk and She Hulk: Jennifer Walters (renamed for the second season 1997)

4. Birds of Prey: Helena Kyle, Barbara Gordon, Dinah Lance/Redmond  (2002-2003)

5. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: Daisy Johnson/Skye (2013-)

6. Marvel’s Agent Carter: Peggy Carter (January 2015-2016) (Agent Carter One-Shot 2013)

7. iZombie: Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore (March 2015-)

8. Vixen: Mari Jiwe McCabe (August 2015-)

9. Supergirl: Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers (October 2015-)

10. Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Jessica Jones (November 2015-)


Antoine Triplett, MCU’s The Patriot

Daisy Johnson: And just because Mace is gone doesn’t mean the Patriot has to be.

Antoine Triplett: What are you saying?

Daisy Johnson: Maybe it’s your turn to suit up. The people could use another Patriot to look up to.

Antoine Triplett: Not gonna lie, I’d look pretty damn fine in that suit.

Daisy Johnson: Yeah, you would.


 Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) Haven 1x4 Consumed (2010)

Nathan: You wanna be a local, it helps to look like one.

Audrey: Thanks, Nathan, that’s really sweet. But I thought I just had to squint a lot and leave out half my words.

Nathan: Be a start.

Audrey: So, what do you think?

Nathan: It’s a start.

Audrey: High praise from a Wuornos.


Princess Alrgelbaccch Blunkenthorttthhhph (Elizabeth Henstridge) Penn Zero Part-Time Hero 1x5 That Purple girl

*In nature all things are beautiful. Especially my name.

*I shall require a shelter. To protect me from nature’s wondrous gifts.

*Carrying a weightless light is so exhausting.

*Who will bravely risk their life for my much more important life?


Pepper Potts/ Christine Everhart MCU/IM adaptation; IM2 adaptation

Christine Everhart: My editor is going to kill me if I don’t get a quote for our Powerful Women issue.

Pepper Potts: Oh.

Christine: Can I…

Pepper Potts: Sure.