1.  No Crunches

When you have a layer of belly fat over your abs and still work them out, you’re making it worse. When you exercise your abs you are pretty much enlarging them, and when you do that with belly fat it will just make your belly look bigger. Do some cardio and eat better to get rid of the fat, then get rock hard abs

2.  Sleep

This one is probably commonly heard but sleeping burns fat. Ever wonder why? Fat is one of your body’s primary source of fuel. While your asleep your body burns fat to keep functioning properly. So the more you sleep, the more fat burned

3. Keep Stress Levels Down

While your stressed you tend to take in foods with higher calories. Your cravings for bad foods spike up, too. Sometimes chemicals in your body go on over drive and produce more fat because fat=fuel.

4. Drink Water

Throughout the day if you drink at least 1 & ½ liters of water it will: cause you to have almost no cravings, will make you feel fuller, filter out toxins, can trick your body into thinking it’s food.

5. Don’t Exercise on an Empty Stomach 

when you exercise on an empty stomach all of the calories you burn are just coming from your muscles. When you eat before you work out then the calories you will be burning will come from the fat you injested