Allie deleted her blog a few months ago (& then immediately called me abt it) & I’m about to hit my next hundred so we decided to do our very first joint tumblr awards!! (s/o to allie for the banner, what a babe)


→ mbf halsey & troye
→ reblog this post
→ must reach 50 notes or else this didnt happen
→ open until my birthday!! (september 10, 2016) 
→ you don’t have to be a fandom blog to enter
→ 1 winner & 1-2 runner ups for each category


→ richard gansey iii award: best url
→ kevin day award: best icon
→ rhysand award: best theme
→ feyre award: best mobile theme
→ adam parrish award: best pages
→ nicky hemmick award: best posts
→ blue sargent award: best creations*

→ renee walker award: nicest blogger**
→ natalie dormer award: best overall
→ halsey award: allie’s fave
→ troye award: hazel’s fave

→ luna lovegood award: best harry potter
→ eadlyn schreave award: best selection
→ amren award: best acotar
→ fandom awards subject to change depending on amount of entries

*please enter your creations tag in the tags below
** feel free to nominate people here & here, we will reply if we receive your ask


→ a follow from both of us! 
→ our eternal friendship & love
→ promos whenever you may desire, for a month (runner up, 2 weeks)
→ 2 requests of anything (moodboard/fic/edit/we’ll do our best // runner up, 1)
a spot on the national exy team (jk)

entries close sep 10. thank you, please enter and have a lovely week xo 


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                         a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the                            sexes. 



Since September 14th is my birthday and October 12th this blog excists one year, I wanted to do a birthday give away to thank all my followers and celebrate my and this blog’s birthday! So here we go!

Rules (must read)
  • Must be following the host to enter. If the winner is picked and they are not, I will pick another winner!
  • Reblog this post to enter. You can enter as many times as you like, however no giveaway blogs are allowed, thank you!
  • The winner will be picked at random by a number generator. The winner must be willing to give me their full address and name so I can send the prize! All post will be paid for!
  • The giveaway will close on the 12th of October. The winner will either be announced short after, and will be inboxed with information of winnings so please have your ask box open.
  • If the first winner does not contact me after two weeks, another will be chosen. If the the first winner breaks any of the above rules, another winner will be chosen!
  • This post much reach 100 notes for the giveaway to go ahead.

There will be one winner!

  • A sweater from SweaterinBox, an Etsy store. The winner can choose one of the Harry Potter sweaters, some of them shown above.

If you have any questions at all, please message me here! Thank you for following and entering, my lovely Potterheads, have a great day x