As many of you might have already found out, Monokuma’s VA (Nobuyo Oyama, 81)  is suffering from dementia. Her husband said that she no longer remembers playing Doraemon nor anything else that has happened more than 2 minutes ago. She can’t remember how to cook her favorite food. She claims she doesn’t know Doraemon, but according to her husband, is able to speak in his voice.

She got back to work around July and recorded voice session for theatrical play version of SDR2(which will start this December), and judging from this, she might have joined the recording sessions for DRV3 too. Although she has short term memories, she still can read scripts and do some voice-acting and she is willing to continue her career so they’re adjusting her schedules.

But that aside, a thought came to me. What if DRV3 becomes her last piece before the retirement?

It feels… just odd. I grew up watching Doraemon as a kid, and as an adult, I  enjoy Danganronpa so much. Monokuma and Doraemon were never one of my favorite characters, but I really liked both of them. And those two characters were like friends (especially Doraemon) I could meet if I just turn around a corner in my town.

I never thought about the voice of Nobuyo leaving. For all my life. Never once.

I know dementia is a disease extremely hard to cure and 81 is never a small age, but I really do wish Nobuyo for a good health.

Monokuma’s voice actress has changed due to previous VA suffering from dementia. Here are their comments

Message from TARAKO:

Hello everyone.
I’m TARAKO, and I will be playing Danganronpa series’ mascot, Monokuma’s voice.
Monokuma is a mysterious character with a cute white half and a slightly scary black half on the outside,
And I really enjoy it when I think about how to act him, thinking what he says has no bad intentions but has some poisons in it.
I want to take out the black TARAKO in me now.
I think I’ll be able to meet you all in various areas such as games, animations and stages within this year, so please do look forward to it.
Thank you.

TARAKO is famous for playing Maruko, the main protagonist, in a long running TV anime. Her voice is scheduled to appear as Monokuma starting this June.

 Messages from Nobuyo:

Hello everyone, I’m Ooyama Nobuyo.
Thank you for always supporting Danganronpa.
I used to play Monokuma but I changed with TARAKO-san this time.
TARAKO-san, please take care of him well. Monokuma is a very cute and good boy so please treat him well.
Please take good care of Danganronpa.

Message from Terasawa Producer:

The voice actress for Monokuma, the one who was loved and cherished by Nobuyo-san, will be changed to TARAKO-san from now on.
It doesn’t mean the character “Monokuma” itself will change. Our staff will support TARAK)-san’s Monokuma with all our might, cherishing and making the Monokuma that Ooyama Nobuyo-san played into a form of a bond.
Everyone is truly thankful that Ooyama-san will cheer on for “Danganronpa”, and we will go on, thinking it as the most reassuring support. We ask all the fans of “Danganronpa” to continue supporting us.