nobunny cares

I’ve been feeling really down and not so great all day and just a bunch of negative and intrusive thoughts. Then on the side of one of the buildings there was this chalk thing with a bunch of “before I die I want to _______” and I waited until everyone around left, then I wrote “stop hating myself and value my life”. I didn’t really think about what I was doing or why and just did it. Someone saw me though and approached me about it… they reassured me that I’m important and gave a hug, but u just started sobbing. I felt so stupid and ashamed. Why did I need to write that. Why did I need to draw attention to myself. It’s stupid and childish and I don’t even know why I did it. I just sort of hurried home, and I just couldn’t stop crying… I feel like roadkill

I’m finally home!
I was informed that if I let the school know that I have an abusive household, they won’t make me go back next year. I’m glad I know that now. Also working on setting up Vincent’s tank.